TITP: our version of Little House...


so we love little house on the prairie here...like this much

(zoom in on this photo for added enjoyment)

when i say "we", i mean abigail and i. we have seen every last episdode together. and we are now reading the books together...i did not realize how many there were, so i am pretty stoked. josh has no issues with the show, but has no emotional attachment to it, as i imaginge most males don't.

we took the girls to This is the Place, and it was wonderful. we spent nearly 6 hours there, and it was stress free the entire time. perfect weather, peaceful, uncrowded, fun, and relaxing. it's like a getaway to little house! with modern day perks, like indoor plumbing. 

abigail and mailie were both excitied about the train, so we made sure to enjoy that puppy plenty of times. we tried to grind corn, which was hard, but josh could at least provide for us in that department. they also showed us how to do it, and a boy sang a navajo song meant to be sung while the girl grinds the corn. i really love indian tribal music, and could listen to it for hours. the girls seemed to be hypnotized by it as well.

we panned for "gold". for mailie that meant panning for water, sitting in the mud, and getting as wet as possible. both of the girls are little adventurers, which is fun to watch. josh and i both struck it big at the mine ;) i know they say iron pyrite is worth nothing, but if that were true, i wouldn't see it for sale in the gift shop.

mailie, not a huge fan of riding, just yet. abigail, in complete heaven. she could do this all day long.

livin the walnut grove dream, right here folks.

neither one of our girls are very concerned about straying away from us or being close by. we have a love-hate relationship with this. in this photo, we love it, that they are willing to just venture out and discover. it's when we're at the mall with crowds of people, and they are determined be on their own, that it's not so awesome.

josh trying to get some wind action while riding the train (going 10 mph), to dry off mailie's pants. for comedic purposes. and since i was there, i can laugh at this photo every time.
josh and mini joshetta

what would be a dream come true is the yard at brigham young's home. someone get on that for me, please.


  1. The "Joshetta" nickname is great and makes me smile. And the opening picture of Abigail is golden! I love it. :)

  2. Ah, that sounds like a lovely day! It is too bad you weren't ever able to visit us in MN and visit one of the places Laura lived, I think you would have liked it. Maybe we can go to This is the Place when we are there in August, though who knows, time will be short I'm sure.

  3. I looooooooooooooove those books.
    This is a fab post. Fun pics.


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