fun for the girls, and a reuniting...


 it's been wicked hot. days of around 104. so we finally bought a little pool for the girls to splash around and cool off in. it's been wonderful. at first i wanted to put it on the grass, but having it on the balcony means a couple great things: 1) i can sit at the dining table watching them and work on homeschool/planning/etc. 2) no grass gets trekked into the house.

girls had a painting extravaganza. i rolled out a ton of butcher paper on the ground, and they went crazy. paint ended up on the walls and railing as well ;) washable.

massachusetts own dunkin donuts has officially arrived in salt lake. needless to say, my man was happy to be reunited with them. neither one of us are big donut people, but we do really enjoy their munchkins. abigail was pretty excited to get one with sprinkles...the little things :)

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