misunderstanding = comedic value...


okay. so today i made abigail a pb&j sandwich, and after she had been eating for a bit i heard her say, "i'm going to see if this will turn into sugar". i didn't know what she was talking about, but i saw her smashing away at something in her hands. then she said, "hey, it didn't turn into sugar?.?"
i saw the small smashed up piece of bread in her hands and was curious why she thought it would turn into sugar.

it took a couple seconds before i started to laugh, as i realized what was going on in her head.

yesterday i had told her that bread turns into a type of sugar, and that white bread turns into sugar faster than wheat (yes, wheat bread turns into glucose as well). we happened to buy some white bread as a "special treat" (grandma sycamore's is pretty delish), and she chose to put it to the test!

i then proceeded to teach her that it was process that happened inside your body ;) she was pleased to have been informed more properly ;)


  1. That is awesome! Love getting a glimpse in little people minds.

  2. hilarious and amazing! i love it when i realize what is going through their minds!


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