ward campout...


this past weekend we had our ward campout. it's pretty much luxury camping, and we loved every minute. they have it at a ranch (member of the bishopric hook up) past park city. it's clean, comfortable, peaceful, and a lot of fun.
(having some computer issues at the moment, so i had to use an online collage maker, which means if you zoom in on these photos they will unfortunately look pixely)
about 15 minutes into the drive we had to pull over and josh cooled down the radiator ;) thanks to 100+ degrees. but no worries, it didn't take much time before we were back on the road and onto our destination. thankful for a husband who knows his way around a car (side note: he used to work on cars for the police dept. in mass).
endless amount of space for kids to run free, and abigail and mailie did just that. they had plenty of activities as well, like bean bag toss, football, archery, bb gun range, dancing, egg toss, and horseback riding...
abigail spent the majority of her time with a couple of girlfriends.
 i've mentioned in many times, but i love our ward with all my heart. it's a family, and everyone has so much fun together. they had a couple come out and teach some fun group dances, and we all had a blast. i love that pretty much everyone joined in, adults, teens, kids...
mailie just wanted to be part of the conversation, below. she also loved a couple of the yw girls and forgot all about us. and josh cleaning, as usual. i married a man who loves to help and be of service as much as he can. one of the many, many things i love and admire about him.
 pictures of this beautiful place. we could live here. it's peaceful and quiet, and still close to the city. perfect.
abigail had been waiting to rid Bud again, since last year when they had the father-children campout. each sunday she would remind aaron (counselor in the bishopric, his brother owns this place) that she was ready to ride him.

i want this tree

this is just a quick video of clips from the trip. i planned on focusing on taking lots of video to make a cool collage with music, but we were playing too much ;) so quick clips it is!


  1. What a sweet ward camp out! I want to be in your ward too. :)


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