1st day of K...


yesterday we started our first official day of kindergarten! we had a successful and wonderful day. 
 abigail has been doing a great job with reading and writing, and can count to 100. she can read beginner books (ie: abeka, HOP) all on her own! which is one of the reasons we chose to start kindergarten this year. she's very excited about learning, and i'm very excited about teaching her. 

last year i did a little k4 program with her and gave her a little interview HERE.
here is her interview from this year:

I am a little over 41 inches tall
My best friends: Rudolph (Koen) and Kaylee
My favorite things to play: Trains and family playhouse 
My favorite color: Rainbow
My favorite book: Inside, Outside, Upside Down - The Berenstain Bears
My favorite activity: Art
My favorite tv show: Word World
My favorite movie: Tinkerbelle, The Lorax
My favorite food: Mac & Cheese
My favorite treat: Lollypops 
My favorite song: Jingle Bells
Something I don't like: Getting burned (she burnt her arm on the oven the other day)
My favorite thing about myself: That I can read by myself
Something I want to do this year: School
When I grow up, I want to be: a Doctor (she really wants to give people shots)


  1. WHOA!!!! Mini-Meagan has arrived!!! I see all you in that photo of Abigail! I'm sure the pig-tails help out with that too. ;) You use to braid your hair all of the time.

  2. I agree with Kristin. Abigail is looking more and more like her mommy, and cute as ever.

    Wasn't it just yesterday we were anticipating her arrival and now she is starting kindergarten.


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