last month we took the girls to lagoon along with my sisters family. it was wicked awesome. we didn't tell abigail what we were doing, so it was first a surprise to her that we were even going, and the second surprise was that her tc would be there. neither of us expected it to be as much fun as it was with two little ones, but we've got some thrill seekers on our hands, which was fantastic.
we were able to get mailie on quite a few rides, and though she seemed a bit more cautious, the moment it was over, she acted like she had just had the time of her life and wanted to go again.
abigail and kaylee (tc) weren't nervous about a thing, and were just as excited as the "big kids" to go on the coasters. i can't tell you how fun it was to be sitting next to abigail and having her screaming with excitement, "this is awesome!". it was an absolute blast. both she and kaylee would have gladly gone on the biggest rides, if they were big enough.
i really thought the girls were going to have very little to go on, but "42 inches seemed to be the magic number, which made this trip completely worth it. we were there from open to close. mailie passed out on the ferris wheel, which took us the entire day to finally get on. abigail passed out the moment we left the park. i guess she realized it was over and could succumb to sleep after an entire day of excitement. i had a sore jaw from smiling the entire time, because i absolutely loved seeing how excited they were, and no fear! i am grateful we clearly don't have motion sickness issues to deal with.
while doing the bumper cars, abigail thought the point would be to avoid hitting people. we didn't think to tell her you wanted to bump into each other. so she had a pretty smooth ride ;) we were impressed with her dodging skills.
thank you, Parks for the invite! well worth it, indeed!

notice josh's feet. clearly a kid ride when you're walking the swings, but abigail had a blast!

we had some lighting and serious rain while at lagoona beach, so we went back to the rides. we told the girls to say a prayer for the rain to stop. naturally, they did. and you better believe that rain stopped! off to the rides we went. faith of a child, everyone ;)

and a video. i wish i took more video footage, but we were having too much fun :) i believe you can make it full screen, though it would probably look noisy.

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  1. Looks like it was a great time. Hmmmm, future Bodily Family reunion? :)

    Rees is really confused why 'Lagoon' isn't a water place out in nature.


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