half a decade...


as of the 6th, abigail officially turned 5 years old! she reminded me that in just 3 years she is going to be baptized.
seeing as her birthday was on sunday, we had her birthday breakfast at our traditional OPH. she has been waiting all year for this, and seeing as we skipped going this year for josh's birthday, she was even more excited to "finally" be going. and to be honest, so was i. i have been craving their fresh fruit crepes for quite some time.
we then spent the majority of our morning/afternoon watching conference, which turned out great for abigail, as she was excited to see the prophet, play conference bingo, and color.

original plan was to completely fill her room with hanging balloons. then we decided blowing all those up would just be a lot of work, when indeed a 5 year old would find this plenty exciting...we were right :) girls had a blast, and it kept them pretty entertained during conference...we might consider doing it every conference, regardless of birthdays.

i love how easily excited children can be. abigail has been asking for these party blowers. done. she also wanted a glow in the dark wand. she got 2 tinkerbell cards, and was thrilled.

our bishop's wife is one of the most amazing and kind hearted women i have ever met. i truly admire her generosity and how much she cares for everyone. she has dropped off goodies for everything. and this year she got abigail this adorable shirt, and a bunch of halloween games and fun things. thank you, jennifer :)

josh has been doing some handy-man work, and one of the lady's from a home he worked on was so kind and gave us this bike for abigail's birthday. i couldn't believe it. such a sweet gift. 
we blindfolded her, and she was so excited to see a brand new bike in front of her, and especially loved that it was pink and purple and came with a basket.

abigail asked for a blueberry/strawberry/raspberry cake with sprinkles. so i made strawberry cake, with mixed berry filling. and i loaded that puppy up with sprinkles covering every inch. it made the cut, and she loved it :)

the sprinkle cake.

happy 5th birthday, el tigre!

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  1. Sooooooooooooooooooo cute. Great bday!


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