Dimples turned 2...


november 20th was mailie's 2nd birthday, and some exciting news for her was the fact that she finally hit the 20lb mark. we'll be taking her in january for a wellness check, so i'll be anxious to see her stats. perhaps she's on the charts now ;)

so possibly to celebrate her last day in the 1's, abigail and mailie turned themselves into leprechauns. coincidence she was wearing the shirt. i had a feeling they were up to something, but i was not anticipating walking in on this...

it was pretty impossible not to laugh, and thankfully it came off pretty easily.
two years old, fresh faced.

the kit-kat cake is extremely quick and easy to make, so i recommend doing it. no stress. i need to find myself a smaller cake pan, considering we each had 1 small piece, and the rest was pretty much wasted. if that thing were made of lindor truffles and ferrero rochers i could probably eat it all.

mailie is a hilarious little girl. she loves to make people laugh, definitely a class clown. she's feisty, but sweet and cuddly. as most siblings her age (i imagine), she just loves being like her big sister. so she loves to perform, dance, and sing. as we anticipated, she is also our child that loves to color on walls. we never experienced this with abigail, and didn't plan on getting lucky twice. she sure is adorable and sweet though. she's just getting a lot of experience at learning to clean ;)

i feel so lucky with our perfect little family of four. these two girls are so wonderful. i have tough days like any other mother, but we are truly blessed with our two little angels.

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  1. She is a cutie! Happy Birthday Sweet Mailie!


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