Farewell 2013...


It was an 'interesting' past year, to say the least. 2013 was one of the most emotional and difficult years for us, filled with trials and challenges. That being said, it also brought us blessings we never imagined, and increased our faith in ways that we are eternally grateful. We were truly shown that if we remain faithful, with great trials come great blessings, and when you keep the Savior by your side, you will not lose. So while happy to see this past year behind us, ecstatic for a fresh start; more this year than any I can think of, I am tremendously grateful for what my Savior has taught me and how he has blessed me during this past year.

I've learned more than ever how to trust completely in my Savior, even when I didn't quite understand. I've learned just how much I'm able to count on Him no matter what. He has brought me comfort in scary and unknowing situations. He has lifted my burdens when I've turned to Him and asked Him to do so. I've learned that I am good enough to ask that of Him. In times where others may not have understood or agreed, I continued to listen to Him and He brought me peace and comfort through the most difficult moments. He has given me the words to say, and direction I needed to go forward. Perhaps the most important lesson I learned was to never doubt Him. With doubt brought uncertainty, darkness, unease, and sorrow. With faith and trust brought peace, comfort, no worries where the world would think otherwise. Faith brought complete relief and freedom, power and strength that I had never experienced. With faith brought maturity.

I fully trust in His plan, and I know He has one specifically for me and my family. A few years ago I watched a documentary with this girl who said that her Savior was her best friend. From that moment I wanted to feel the same way. I loved my Savior, I knew he would be there for me, but I didn't necessarily feel like He was my best friend. I yearned to feel that way. Well Heavenly Father heard those prayers, and taught me just how to feel that way. Now I can truly say that my Savior is my best friend. I sincerely know He is always there for me and always will be. He's chased the adversary away, protected me, guided me, comforted me. The list is endless. I love to talk to Him, and need to talk to Him. I "knew" it before, but now I know it. I love Him, and He loves me. I know He loves every one of us, and desires so much to hear from us, to carry our burdens, to teach us, and help us. He is our best friend, we just have to recognize it.

So here is to a wonderful 2014! Filled with continual growth, but hopefully in a more chilled out way ;)


  1. I didn't know it was such a rough year; I never got that from anything you posted. Your testimony is amazing. I'd love to hear some of the things that have shown you god's hand, if you want to share.


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