Faith and Trust...(and a little bit of pixie dust)...


September 9th started off as a really nice and calm day. We had just finished up our family "stay-cation" the week prior, and were ready to get back into our regular schedule. Josh headed off to work, a bit happy to get back into the groove of things. An hour later, our day changed.

I was sitting on the couch when I turned and noticed my hunk of a man walking in, gently smiling at me looking happy to see me. He had this peaceful look about him, which is ironic considering the news he was about to share. I jokingly said, "oh did they fire you"? Knowing that would be ridiculous, given he was ranked one of the top bankers in the state, improving the numbers for every branch he was at. His reply however, "yes".

I was taken aback and in complete disbelief. In 10 seconds I had 10 conversations with myself, trying to comprehend how this happened, and what on earth these people were thinking?.? From a business standpoint it seemed completely illogical, and from a personal standpoint, it just seemed mean. Those 10 seconds passed, and then all I could think of was how sorry I was for my husband. Here is a man who is completely dedicated, honest, and as hard working as I've ever seen, and was just "stabbed in the back". He on the other hand looked completely at peace, like there wasn't a worry in the world. He hugged me and said, "we are healthy, safe, and happy, and we are doing what is right, I know we'll be watched over and provided for". And then the hotness meter went even higher ;) I was so proud of him in that moment, and so grateful to have a husband so strong, faithful, and unwavering.

One thought that flashed through my mind the moment he told me the news, was the fact that this was indeed a trial and a test, and this was the moment to prove myself. Earlier in the year we had been hit with a deeper trial, and we were both filled with so much peace and comfort with the decisions we had made. After all that had happened and everything that Heavenly Father had done for us, I knew that this trial could not take me down, I would not let it. This was just another moment for me to prove my faithfulness, and I was going to work very hard to do just that. I needed to pray, because I was indeed slightly scared and worried about what was going to happen. After all, we have bills to pay. But if I wanted peace, there was One I needed to turn to.

So naturally, I went to the closet. This is by far the quietest place in the house where I can pray and hopefully not be interrupted by curious children. Because somehow children know when you are searching to be alone, and they will find you ;) I told Heavenly Father that I needed just 3 minutes to cry and then pull myself together so I could talk to Him. After talking with Him, as you can imagine I felt complete peace and comfort. This is why prayer is so amazing, and why it is so needed.

Over the next few weeks, Josh had many interviews, lots of people giving him contacts and referrals. There were so many opportunities that we were sure we would snatch, but alas, we did not. I think both of us felt slightly confused because it didn't seem to make sense why he wasn't getting this job, or the next one. But we continued to trust that Heavenly Father knew what He was doing and would lead us to where we were supposed to be. More weeks passed, more interviews, and still no job. This lasted two months.

During all this time however, there were small jobs. The biggest blessing came from our landlords, who pretty much are like grandparents to the girls. They have a painting company and "coincidentally" had a guy quit the very day Josh lost his job. They instantly asked Josh if he could help out. And thankfully, since my man seems to know how to fix, make, create just about anything, he not only helped out with painting, but did handyman work as well. Handyman work is kind of a therapy for Josh, he loves to fix things, he loves to create and come up with better and more efficient ways to do something. I love this about him. So we were always being provided for, when one job ended, another magically appeared. It was amazing to witness.

After two months Josh had an interview with IHC. He was also called to be a temple worker around the same time. After his first morning helping, the moment he stepped out of the temple he had a voicemail from IHC. He had received the job! Some might call it coincidence, but we choose to believe that there are no coincidences. I cried with gratitude and relief. I immediately got on my knees and prayed to thank my Heavenly Father.

Now this job has nothing to do with business, he works for an ENT at the front desk in the specialties department. But it provides us with the things we need, to pay the bills, and insurance, blessed insurance. It also takes up far less of Josh's time, and is a far more relaxed job for him. Which quite frankly is what he needed, and Heavenly Father knew that. Josh is still in school, full time, and working very hard to finish. And this job allows him to do that without needing to sacrifice it at all for work. Heavenly Father knows us very well, and knows that my husband will give everything he has to his job, and therefore needed a job that helped him to be able to focus on just school. For that we are both very grateful. The workload that he has for classes would be extremely difficult right now if he were still with the bank.

I loved seeing God's hand in each step of this journey. It's been a privilege to watch and personally be a part of. In a way a huge burden was lifted from our shoulders when we found out we got the job, but in a way it felt like there was never much of a burden, because He was always taking care of us. He wants to help us, he just needs us to turn to Him.


  1. Are you getting a Pell Grant? Make sure you do your FAFSA!

    1. Lyndsay,
      We just did ours last week and thankfully we do get Pell Grants this year! So I'm excited to start back up the summer semester, and really grateful that with Josh being online he can go to each semester rather than take the breaks like normal BYU-I students :)

    2. Good! Those Pell Grants really help, especially with how low tuition is for Pathway students, we can live off those for a few months. There's also a summer session, in August, there's not a lot of classes offered, but if there's one he needs it's nice to keep going. Hopefully there will be something Brad needs this year in that session, it worked out perfectly last year.

  2. I'm glad Josh likes his new job.


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