Life, as of lately...


It's hard to catch up, but I shall try.

This semester has been in one word, busy. On top of work, Josh is taking 5 classes, so he is gone from about 7:30am to 9pm, and then continues his homework once he gets home. For a couple that has spent nearly 24/7 together since we met, it's been quite an adjustment. We aren't the couple that needs space, space feels unnatural. It's bizarre feeling a bit like a single mother, but such is the life of a working student, and I am beyond proud of this man of mine, and extremely grateful, and we both know it will be worth it in the end.

The girls are handling it pretty well. Abigail is an accepting and understanding child. Mailie is pretty attached to Josh, so much so that she will make sure to tell him that she loves him, and not's pretty comical. Though she misses him the moment he leaves and asks about him throughout the day, thankfully it's not overwhelming to the point of stressing me out.

Other than my obvious responsibilities of motherhood, my days lately have been filled with an abundance of reading. It's therapy for me really. (if you use Goodreads, let me know) The Library is our second home, and I appreciate having one so close to visit as often as we can. Abigail has very much enjoyed their reading challenge, which when completed she gets a special prize. It's been very exciting witnessing her learn to read, and I appreciate that she has the desire to just keep learning more and more. So far she has been an ideal "student".

Though we plan year-round schooling, June and July are definitely more relaxed months as we prepare for the next year. I am anxious to see how Mailie does with the little preschool curriculum we have. Nothing rigorous of course, as she will only be nearly three. We are asked quite often what our homeschooling plans are. To answer that question, currently our plans are to homeschool K-12. This is what we have felt led to do and believe in it for our family. It's always a prayerful matter, and we'd be thrilled if it continues to be the plan for us.

Josh has a month left of this semester, and then we are taking some kind of much needed vacation. We have no idea what we'll do, but all I care about is being able to spend a whole week with my man, without any interruptions from school or work....though we are extremely grateful for both.

Next semester will be a little less busy for him, as he will only take four classes. I will also be taking classes, but just two, so I think it will be quite manageable along with our other responsibilities.

As summer is here, we will be spending as much time as possible outside, having our own little adventures, encouraging as much imagination as possible, enjoying some water play, going to the zoo, some camping, and of course, plenty of reading. I have a special project I've been working on for quite some time and look forward to hopefully putting it out for people to see soon. I will also work on keeping up with our blog.

For now, here are a few photos for those who haven't seen them on Instagram, which I quite enjoy...

My last birthday of my 20''s all uphill from here.


Picturesque anniversary picnic along a stream...until hundreds of spiders showed up. I bolted.
We moved to a picnic spiders in sight. Celebrating 8 years.

Miss Abigail Kaye, This is the Place...I have asked Josh to buy it for me, as it is my little heaven.

Miss Mailie Ryan...TITP.

If I didn't have my mini-me who seems to adore me, I might be envious of her attachment :)

Ogden Train Depot


  1. I think mailee and Camille seem so much alike!

  2. I love reading your blog! You are an amazing person and I look up to you so much! And I want you to post your project!!!

  3. The girls are growing up too fast. Tell them their Nanna misses them terribly. Of course, I miss their parents too.


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