Abigail had her first dance recital:

Abigail's recital was in May, and it was awesome. I had so much fun being a part of helping the girls get ready for their big show, and all the chaos backstage was pretty fun.
Our Bluebirds performed twice. I absolutely teared up the moment I saw her on stage. She did great! She worked very hard at practicing her part each day, and she was fantastic! All the Bluebirds were so fun to watch. Abigail said they were the best nights of her life.

Abigail and her dance teacher, Miss Lauri. We feel so lucky to have her as Abigail's teacher. She is an amazing woman and extremely loving to the girls. Abigail loves her, I love her. I am grateful she gets to continue being her teacher this year.

Abigail lost her first tooth:
If it weren't for her reaction, I probably would've cried the moment she showed me. This was completely unexpected, as her tooth had not been wiggly at all prior to this event. She backed into the wall, fell forward, and her tooth just fell out! I don't understand it. She didn't hit her face when she fell forward, so I'm guessing maybe she clenched her teeth hard enough? Who knows, but it happened. So she came running to me yelling that her tooth fell out, and once I turned around, no doubt looking confused, she started to cry. I don't think she was expecting the amount of blood (neither was I). I tried to act really excited for her to cheer her up, and when Josh came home he did the same. We decided to celebrate by getting some frozen yogurt...and like magic, she was suddenly excited :) Once she was asleep, I cried.

I made sure to snap a couple shots.

I made a tooth fairy pillow, which also added to her excitement. I felt like the tooth fairy would really appreciate not having to search hard to find a tiny little tooth under a pillow with a human body lying on it.

Abigail started First Grade: We started it off with a Father's Blessing. Josh also gave me a blessing, which was (as always) very comforting and helpful.

1st Day Interview:
44 inches tall
Best friend: My family
Favorite thing to play with: My horse
Favorite color: Rainbow
Favorite Book: Wacky Wednesday
Favorite TV Show: Wild Kratts
Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese
Something I really like: The park
Something I really don't like: Making messes (good to know
Favorite thing about myself: I am happy
Something I want to do this year: Go to This Is The Place

This is Mailie's first semi-official year with some kind of program. It's a simple set up, since she is only going to be 3 in November. I mostly play with her and try to keep her entertained while Abigail does her work. Mailie is really great at playing on her own, but I want to take advantage of as much one on one time as possible. So while Abigail might be doing a workbook, art, etc, Mailie and I can read together, build with legos, etc.
Next year I will start interviews with her, but I wanted to at least snap a couple shots of our little pixie.

A few weeks ago a little boy walked past us and referring to Mailie, told his mother "she's like Tinkerbell!" We've been told (and heard in passing) many times that our girls (especially Mailie) look like elves or fairy's :) The photos to the right of our blog, I think they really do. I love their pointed ears :)

Our first week went really well. I was mentally exhausted the first day, just trying to get the hang of the process we have set up, but I'm feeling very excited. My blessing confirmed that this is the path for us, which gives more comfort than anything else. It's amazing to be a part of the things they are learning, and an added bonus is I learn new things as well. I'll dive into how things are going and all that jazz in another post. 

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  1. Now that you mention it, yeah, Mailie does have a pixie look to her! Future Halloween costume maybe? :)


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