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I'm going to try and catch up as best as possible, without overwhelming any readers with an abundance of writing. I very much enjoy Instagram, so if you follow me there, then this will all be repetitive. I think one of my resolutions will be to keep up on my blog. I really slacked this past year. On y va!

The summer flew past us and before we knew it camping season was pretty much up. We tried to the last weekend of the summer, and it was packed everywhere, so we opted for roasting s'mores in the mountains, and camping in the yard. The girls were extremely excited and running around like mad, so I think we lasted about an hour before we packed it up and ended up sleeping on the living room floor. We tried.
Abigail started soccer in the Fall. I like that she gets discipline and artistry from dance, and then gets the chance to run around and get dirty with soccer. Abigail loves to run, and enjoys just having fun with her buddies on the field. I enjoyed how excited she would get for her teammates when they would score a goal, or even get close. She eventually got to score her first goal and she celebrated for about 2 seconds before she was ready to run down the field again. As long as she's having fun, we're happy. It was fun to go to the games each Saturday, but also nice to have a break, until Spring.

Abigail turned 6, which is hard to believe, as usual. She had her first birthday party and we said she could invite 2 friends. It made for a pretty stress free party. She wanted to go to This is the Place, which was heaven for us because the kids just ran around, free as birds, while Josh and I sat back, relaxed, and watched.

We surprised her with a pinata. We had each of the kids try with blindfolds, but that was going to take forever, so finally they each got a turn, one it at a time. Eventually, this is the face that broke that baby. She meant business. 

This is just a photo I love of Josh and his mini. It was taken at a pumpkin race where people carved out their enormous pumpkins to make rafts and raced them in the Sugarhouse pond. It was comical to watch and a fun free autumn activity.
Halloween, of course. Abigail is Belle, and Mailie is Merida. I can't imagine anyone needs to be told who Josh is. The first time I met Josh I told him he looked like HP. I think this costume is perfect for him.

The girls are holding a bear named Blossom. She is traveling around the country learning about each state. A little girl in GA is doing it for a school project, and I was happy to have the girls participate, and they were very excited to become temporary guardian of Blossom. I think we'll do something like this in a couple of years too. 

Mailie turned 3. Mentally, she is a 3 year old, but I have a hard time seeing it because of how tiny she is. So when she is climbing the huge playground rock wall, I have to remind myself it is possible for her to do it, even though it doesn't look possible....I don't know if that makes sense written out, but hopefully you're following what I am saying.
Mailie requested a Curious George cake. 
Watching her blow out the candles was the biggest laugh we had all day. I she blew and blew, using her whole body to thrust forward, and it went on for a few minutes before she finally accomplished her goal. 
We went to the Jaun Diego production of The Sound of Music with, Amee (she is the Director of Campus Ministry there). She and I were just realizing it's been almost 20 years since we became friends. Feeling old saying that. The play was wonderful and the girls had a blast; they didn't take their eyes off the stage. It was exciting for them to hear some of the songs that they know and love, and they were excited to tell some of the cast members what a great job they did. . 
Writing Santa.

I was inspired by my friend Jessica to make a gingerbread house. So for the first time we made our own from scratch. It was definitely work, but now that I've done it, I know how to be quicker next year. We decorated with the Fordham's, and their little man along with the girls were in heaven when their eyes locked in on ridiculous amount of candy before them. I have no idea how much they consumed, but I chose not to care, as it was a one time thing.

Josh and I split ours in 1/2 because I just didn't have it in me to make more gingerbread. I'm on the left, he's on the right.

Abigail's was wicked awesome. Straight out of Candyland, this house.

the back:

Mailie's personality is "pick one color, and get it done". Or more "do this for 1 minute, then try to consume all the candy".

For years I have wanted to make my own advent calendar. I am proud to report that I finally accomplished that goal, and a Pinterest pin, at that. It took me a week. Those blasted ornaments are what took me forever. I did the tree with a machine, but the ornaments I did by hand. I am really happy with how it came out, and the girls are loving it. Each day one of them pick an ornament and hangs it on the tree, and on the back I have taped an activity for us to do that day.
Abigail asked for Mailie and I to pose so she could draw our portraits. We had to stand on a step and she directed us in our poses. 

And a family photo. Bless the inventor of the camera remote. It's nice not running back and forth!

Now it's time for the busyness of Christmas and New Years :) On that note, has anyone heard of the 25 Days of Christ? We started it this season and I've really enjoyed it. I think I'll buy the kit next year.


  1. Just googled it. How fantastic! Want it....!
    Love the update.

  2. Yeah for an update! I love seeing the pictures and hearing about some of what is going on in your world. You know, if you want to give me a present sometime, I would take one of those super cute advent calendars. :)


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