December happenings...(1 of 2)


I was once a pro at posting, but alas, life of a wife, mother, homeschooler, and everything in between has caused blogging to be put at the back of the line. That being said, one of my goals this year is to be better about keeping this puppy updated. So to any and all who read this "masterpiece" of a blog, here's to keeping my goal! And we're off:

As usual, December went by in a flash. Thanks to the advent calendar, we had a whole month of fun activities, be they at home making pipe cleaner candy canes, or going out and seeing lights. It was busy, and a lot of fun.

Of course you can't go Christmas season without visiting the Temple Square Lights. The girls love it, I love it, and I feel like there is always a sense of peace and joy in everyone that is there. We went on a Monday night, which I was slightly nervous about, because I don't do well in large crowds, people all around me and my children. However, it all went over smoothly, and I didn't feel overwhelmed, or like my babes would be yanked from my hands and taken away. Oh yeah, I'm paranoid of that happening. The weather was also awesome, as compared to last year when we felt we would surely all have frostbite.

Another evening we went to the "Tree of Life", in Draper. It's a pretty large tree, absolutely covered in lights. The photo I saw online made it look like it was a single tree in the middle of a field somewhere. However it was in a park, and there were tons of other trees with lights, and a bajillion people everywhere. I had kind of hoped it was what I had envisioned, a brightly lit tree in the middle of darkness, but it was still fun to get out there, and the girls loved all the lights.

We had the privilege to attend a graduation party for a coworker of Josh. Alex and many of his family and friends have amazing life stories to tell, and I was honored to be there and listen to each of them. They have each gone through so many trials and heartache, but have such optimism and gratitude towards life and their future.

The girls enjoyed dancing their hearts out, and running around with the other kids. Josh and I enjoyed amazing conversation, and delicious African cuisine.

Abigail makes a best friend wherever we go.

Mailie Ryan showing her moves

An exciting event in December was hearing my parents Mission Call. Our family was able to skype and watch as my mom read where they would be serving. It seemed as though each one of our jaws dropped, and many audible gasps, including my mothers, as she read "Hong Kong". I certainly hadn't expected my parents shipping off to China, but I am extremely excited and happy for them and this adventure of theirs. I also never imagined Cantonese coming out of my parents mouths, but they started language lessons this week. They'll be serving in the HK Temple (which sounds dreamy), and leave this April. China has been a dream of mine to visit, one day. So maybe we'll get lucky and can visit while they're still there.

One of our family resolutions for 2014 was to do a service each month. Well, we definitely missed some months, but we did get some in, and we can only improve from here. Our last service of the year was a Secret Santa. Secret Santa was one of my favorite traditions growing up. The thrill of knocking and running, sneaking behind a bush and watching the excitement on families faces. I loved every moment of it. There was no knocking and running here, but the girls were still very excited to be doing something for a special young girl.

The girls delivering the gifts. We took them to the family who puts this together, and then they deliver the gifts to the children.

Abigail has been reading Fancy Nancy books. One day we found an announcement on our fridge offering "Free Fun Fancy Lessons" by Abigail. So we all dressed up fancy and went to dinner at Ruth's Diner. The girls loved putting on jewelry and fancying themselves up.

We tried getting a family shot of us, and that alone was an adventure. There has been a cat hanging around, and one night Abigail chose to bring it into the house. Not a single part of me could be upset, because I was that same little girl who brought it one I thought were "stray animals". So I smiled and laughed, witnessing my mini-me. We did let the cat go free, but it chose to love us right back, and on this particular evening would not allow us to get a family picture without it in the shot. Josh tried telling it to go away, which made Abigail sad because she felt like Josh was being mean. I tried tossing the cat (assuring her that they always land on their feet) and quickly getting a shot. Abigail was crying at certain points, Mailie Ryan couldn't keep her eyes off the cat, and eventually we kind of just gave up, but we got one that was adequate.



Ruth's Diner. Classic yellow eyes shot.

Christmas to a New Year in next post...


  1. I support you trying to keep up the blog in 2015. :) Temple Square at Christmas time is magical. You are lucky to get to see it every year and I'm glad the weather was good for you so you weren't freezing.

  2. What a fun December for you! I just love those shots of your family and the cat!


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