White Christmas and a New Year...(2 of 2)


 I made these Abigail & Mailie Ryan rag dolls for Christmas. This was my first attempt at making a doll, and they are by no means perfect, but I am happy with them.They were a hit with the girls.

Christmas Eve, ready to go to bed and wait for Santa

Snapped a couple shots of the girls trying to peak through the cracks Christmas morning. This is why we put a lock at the top, so they couldn't sneak out without us.

We had a pretty warm December, which I loved with all of my heart. So we were pretty surprised to wake up to a White Christmas. It was perfect.

Sisterly lovin

I love Regency novels, and I would love for Julianne Donaldson to come out with another book.

Our unexpected weather came in handy since Santa brought the girls new sleds.

Some more sledding action. Mailie didn't like it until she got to the bottom of the hill, and then she seemed excited about what she just did. Abigail loved pretty much every moment, aside from once when she hit a jump and biffed it pretty good. I wish I had that one on video.

We had some adventure in between Christmas and New Year's. We woke up to insane winds, up to 60mph here, higher in other areas, and there was trash all over, huge beautiful trees fallen over, and just a mess. So our power went out and it didn't take long before we were freezing. The fire worked for a bit, but by noon I had packed the girls up, got them in the car, and enjoyed the beautiful heat. It was a long day. Thankfully the power returned to us that evening. The next day it warmed up, which caused pipes to burst, and flooding of three bathrooms. Sooo, the water was shut off, and I checked out. Thankfully a couple of days ago the dehumidifier was taken out of the bathroom, and we get to enjoy some peace and quiet. The dehumidifier did make the toilet seat nice and toasty though.

Eating breakfast, and trying to stay warm by the fire.

I love New Years Eve. It's straight up a party holiday. Our tradition (carried over by Josh and his tradition growing up) is to order Chinese. We also got dessert from Gourmandise, which is heaven. This year we had the girls stay up to countdown, which made it more fun. We played hide and seek, charades (thanks for the idea Kristin), card games, and danced. The girls are party animals and though they showed signs of fatigue towards the end, they were amped to countdown and yell "Happy New Year".

Intense game of Crazy 8 going on

Happy New Year!!!


  1. I LOVE the pictures of the girls in their matching pjs, waiting to go see their presents, so cute! I think it would be dreamy if we could come up to Utah some winter and play in the snow with you guys...though I don't want to hit a bump and land like Josh did, that looked kind of uncomfortable.

  2. I Love Mailie dancing in the background of the Crazy 8's game!


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