Sad Attempt to Update...


As I stated last in my last post, I have a goal to update at least once a month. My intentions were not to wait to the last minute, but life just gets ahead of me sometimes and the blog gets pushed to the bottom of the "To Do" list. I am however committed to accomplishing my goals, so though meager, here it is!

Mailie has had croup this past week. It is depressing. And this morning Abigail has started to sound like a barking seal herself, so, round two. Mailie lost her voice in the process, which was pitiful and adorable sounding at the same time. 

Both girls had checkups, and we have tiny children. Mailie did cross over the 0 percentile though, so that's a moment. She's now in the 2nd percentile for weight, and 50th for height. Abigail is in the 30th and 20th. Small but Mighty.

We've had an abnormally warm winter. I've loved it with all my brain. It's basically been Spring. That being said, now that we are actually heading into Spring, we received snow and some chillier temperatures. So I am curious what our Spring will bring us this year.

A couple things my babes have said to make me smile:

Lately when Mailie is upset with one of us, she will pout and demand "leave me away, leave me away!". It's hard to take her seriously ;)

Abigail is saying a lot of "that's my thing", or "that's not my thing". 
One morning she simply stated, "I believe in God. That's just my thing". 

And a while ago we made a smoothie, and apparently she didn't like the addition of peanut butter.   After she took a drink she said, "hmmm, I think this tastes kind of like throw-up. What's in it?" We listed the ingredients. "Yeeaaahhh, I don't like peanut butter in my smoothie. It's not my thing.". So noted.

A couple drawings from Abigail:
                       Updated Family Portrait

We've been able to go to a couple of gymnastics meets for the Utes. I had no idea how huge it was here, but it is packed, and loud. The girls have a blast, and I'm happy we've been able to go.

The Patriots won the Superbowl this year, so you can imagine the excitement and uproar in this home.

And I'll end my post with this meme:


  1. Good job blogging! Your kids will love looking back at this online journal. The Jesus / Mary cartoon made me laugh. Now, leave me away! ;)


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