Boston, day 1...


This was my second trip (of hopefully many) to Boston itself. I love History, so this city is heaven to me. I get giddy when I see the sites, such as Old North Church, Faneuil Hall, Old State House, or Paul Revere's house, just to name a few. So there were three very excited girls on this trip...

The girls were so excited to ride on a train and the subway for the first time. The train ride to Boston is gorgeous and peaceful, with endless lakes and trees that go on for miles. I love it.

Our first stop was the Aquarium. We were pretty excited to take the girls there, and they weren't aware of what our plans were that day. We got to watch them feed Myrtle the Turtle, who is 90+ years old, and the girls were in heaven when they got to touch a little sandshark, horseshoe crab, and especially the starfish. 

Josh's uncle, Patrick, then met up with us and was so kind to take us out to lunch, before heading to the Childrens Museum. The girls fell in love with Patrick right away and we really enjoyed and appreciated having him hang out with us. He and his wife, Pam, live in Florida and have definitely convinced us that we need to take a trip over there when we can. 

Boston Tea Party Ship in the background
Boston Children's Museum was next on the list, and it's awesome. I would highly recommend it if you ever visit. If we lived there, Josh and I would go on a date so we could play all by ourselves. I especially loved the art room where you made things out of recyclables. We all tried to contribute more ramps to help the balls get down to the buckets...if you can see from the photos.

Saying goodbye to Patrick. Hopefully they'll be a reunion sooner rather than later.

Outside Quincy Market for a quick snack before the game

Granted, Celtics are not having too hot of a season, whatsoever, but we thought it would be fun to take the girls to their first game. And to our delight, they won! We were all pretty exhausted even before the game started from walking around all day, and just the excitement of everything. But we still had fun, and the girls both loved cheering and most likely, not having to walk for a couple of hours.

once again, to be continued...

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