Day 2 Boston and NE Hall of Fame...


We got home past midnight from our first day in the city, so we opted for sleeping in and driving instead of making the 8:30 train. I believe all four of us were in agreeance with this decision.

Our first stop was Chinatown. Josh and I both were in the mood for some good authentic Dim Sum, and the place we tried did not disappoint. Even the girls were taking that stuff back as quickly as we were. 

Next stop was the Science Museum. I don't have a ton of cool pictures, because we were too busy reading and playing, but man I wish we had more time here! One of things we did was go into a butterfly exhibit, which I personally loved. I love butterflies, and it's peaceful just sitting and watching them. I also learned that their wings are like shoes and eventually just wear down.

This day was spent with dodgy weather, a lot of wind, some snow and rain, and a lot more wind...We visited Fenway for a quick shot, and a failed attempt to get Josh a new Redsox hat, and a lot of cocoa. It happened to be St. Patricks day, and being an irish town we knew there would be a lot of partying going on, so we carefully chose our eating joint, and ended in the Italian district for the absolute best cannoli I have ever had. Thanks to a friend of ours who suggested Mike's Pastry, I got to experience and understand what all the rave is about. It's best they aren't in Utah, because I would want to make frequent trips.

Here's a shot of Josh and I on...drumroll...a DATE!!!! I emphasize this because dates are few and far between these days. So it's a miracle, and I am beyond grateful to Bill and Lois for watching the girls. I knew they were in amazing hands and I didn't stress one second. We went to an Italian restaurant in Worcester which was scrumdidlyumptious, and then to a movie...I don't know the last time we went to a movie alone, but we practically had the theater to ourselves, and it was fantastic. Holy moly I can't wait for more and more dates. You better believe I was documenting this moment.

One thing Josh and I realized is we could have gotten away with taking one outfit, as we were in our coats every day, so it's not like anyone would notice if we were sporting the same t-shirt and jeans every day. That would have made packing much easier. C'est la vie.

Our last day in Mass was spent visiting the NE Hall of Fame, meeting new friends, and finally seeing that beautiful ocean! On this post I will cover the Hall of Fame...

Honestly, I felt like most of the trip was spent doing things for the girls, and for myself. Like most men, I gather, Josh is happy to do whatever. So I was thrilled when he let me know of something he wanted to do, for him. So to the beloved Gillette Stadium we went!

You might notice a lot of photos with Mailie either looking away, or flat out not apart of the photo...she had a thing against taking photos while on the trip.

One day, I hope to attend a game here together, and feel the intensity of a stadium full of extremely passionate New Englander fans. Unfortunately, Brady wasn't there for Josh to meet. Maybe next time, babe.


  1. This made me want to take a vacation there, with you guys as tour guides. Hmmm, what do you think 2025 joint family vacation? Pencil it in. :) I didn't know that butterfly wings wear out! that when they die, or they grow new ones???


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