Road Trip to Boston...


So I don't overwhelm with words and photos, I'll be breaking this post up into segments...

In February, Josh's Nana unexpectedly passed away. Thankfully the funeral was planned for a month later, which meant we had more than just a few days to plan a trip back east. A blessing for a planner and list maker, such as myself.

The prices of flights to Boston are crazy, so we took it as an opportunity for a road trip, despite it being a very long drive, with two kids. I put together binders for both of the girls, Abigail's a bit more in depth, with facts and info about each state we'd be driving through, as well as things like math worksheets, spelling words, abc pages for Mailie, and coloring pages, etc. Though it would be a quick trip through each state, I wanted to make it as much of a geography learning tool as possible. This also just helped with passing the time.

We chose to drive through the night while the girls slept. Our first night was probably the longest, as I believe it just took the girls some time to get used to sleeping in their car seats. Mailie had the hardest time, waking up often and moaning, but you could tell she didn't know what was going on. It would only last the first few hours of trying to go to sleep, and then she would knock out for the rest of the night. 

Our first real stop was to see my sisters family, who live in St. Louis. This was perfect because it is exactly halfway between SLC and MA. We slept there one evening and then hung out the next day before leaving that night. We figured we needed to see the famous Arch while we were there, as well as the Mississippi river. Abigail was really excited to have some cousin time with Koen, and I was happy she and Mailie got that time to just run around and play for a bit.

I haven't ever had the desire to visit Ohio, but when I realized the Christmas Story House was there, I was excited we'd be driving through and have something to check out. I grew up watching this movie every Christmas, and my little brother was Ralphy's doppelganger when he was little. I always wanted to see him in the bunny costume. I was also excited to see Lake Erie, because I have never seen the Great Lakes. It was frozen over, of course, but still amazing to see. 

Abigail pretty much drew the entire trip. At this point, the poor kid was so exhausted it wiped her out within minutes of writing.

I was excited for the opportunity take the girls to the Sacred Grove. Josh and I went together for my mothers 50th birthday in June, just after we got married. It was green and lush, simply beautiful and peaceful. So I was looking forward to seeing it with snow covered grounds, and endless bare trees to peak through. It was still just as peaceful and beautiful. Abigail was so excited to see where Joseph Smith had seen Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I look forward to taking them again.

to be continued...

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