The Cape and Pen Pals...


I had been looking forward to this day, to visit grassy beaches and see that big, blue ocean. I love the ocean with all my heart and brain. It's powerful but peaceful. Every time I see it, it's breathtaking. I was even more excited for the girls to see it for the first time. Granted, I had planned on doing that in the summer, when it's warm, but it's beautiful no matter what, and Abigail was ecstatic the moment I told her we'd be taking her.

The day was mighty windy. In fact Mailie pretty much checked out and turned right back around after heading down the beach for a minute. Josh was happy to join her, and they played in the soft sand up above where it was a little less windy. 

I teared up as we walked on the beach because I was so happy to be there and breath in that fresh air, watch the seagulls soar, and hearing the waves crash. It's such a meditative place to me. Abigail found a few little seashells, and some cool rocks, and we filled a bottle with sand for the girls to take home. Abigail just wanted to be able to touch the water, which she did, accompanied with a wave coming in and filling her boots with water. Thankfully she found it funny, but was ready to head back to the car as soon as it set in how freezing her toes now were.

Then it was off to our next exciting visit, meeting with our friends, the Vieras. Kim and Josh knew and dated each other for a bit in NE, and she and I haven been emailing each other for a few years now, as we are both homeschooling mothers. They have four beautiful children, two of which are the same ages as Abigail and Mailie. So they too have been little pen pals for awhile now. I was so excited for all of us to finally meet, in person! I have loved getting to know Kim via the internet, and it's funny how good of friends you can become even without talking in person, but nothing beats getting to talk face to face with a friend.

As I expected, the kids had a blast. I wish they could play together often! The adults sat chatting for a few hours, and the kids ran around outside, sneaking into chicken coops, feeding the pony, and lots of dress up and rough housing. We also discovered that Abigail has been teaching herself to play the piano, so maybe lessons are in order.

It was a perfect evening, and I was sad for it to end, even more so for Abigail, because this whole trip had been spent meeting new friends, and having to say goodbye. I hope in the future there won't have to be as many goodbyes. Even for myself, because fellow homeschooling mothers are not easy to come by.

With all the fun, I didn't take near as many photos as I was hoping. Which is a great excuse to have to visit again. I did capture a few, at least.

 Fun fact: This is the first time I have seen my kids in a room full of other blonde haired children.

 Again, Mailie didn't care to join for the photo...Abigail tried so hard to give us a good smile, because she had just been crying about how sad she was to leave her new friends. Broke my heart, but I know she'll see them again, and I will do better about remembering to have them write their letters.

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  1. Isla's comment on seeing last picture: Okay, those are some cute little people.


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