Worcester and Celebration of Life...


The drive to Mass is pretty boring, to me, until you hit Pennsylvania. The terrain changes a bit and there are more trees, hills, mini mountains appearing. Entering NY you can smell the grapevines, which is amazing. I wouldn't mind smelling that every day I stepped out the door. From there it just continues to be engulfed in trees, rocky mountain sides, and lakes. It's gorgeous, no matter what time of year.

In Worcester, we stayed with Josh's second family, the Ences. I was excited to have the chance to get to know them more, and was so grateful to them for letting us stay in their home. Their home is a little piece of heaven, overlooking Worcester, acres of trees, and many adventures to be had. I've heard many stories of Josh here, some which won't be repeated, and Bill and Lois only make it that much more comfortable and enjoyable. We stayed up each night hearing endless stories, that often had me tearing up with laughter. I loved every moment.

Since we didn't really get snow in SLC this winter, the girls were pretty excited for Mass because they knew it meant lots of snow, especially this winter. They loved riding the tractor, walking knee deep in the snow, and throwing snowballs at Josh...though not being thrown at. Though the snow didn't bother me, I was grateful half of it had melted by the time we arrived.

After two busy days in Boston, we chose to have a completely lazy and relaxing day at home. It happened to be extremely windy and cold, so it was the perfect day for it. Josh and Bill worked on projects, including fixing our tire which found a nail, and we ladies enjoyed playing games, watching movies, drinking cocoa, and good conversation.

Mailie ventured out once, but quickly returned, and thankfully the tiny pixie wasn't blown away.

It took maybe a minute for the girls to decide Bill and Lois were their best buddies.

I got to enjoy many stories about this man keeping my man in check, growing up. This was apparently one of the ways he would do so with Josh and all his boys.

Josh drove us to a memorial park which was the first one I had been to when we came here after getting married. Things like that make me giddy, because of the memories, so I was excited to see it.

The funeral for Josh's Nana was really nice. There was so much laughter, it truly was a celebration of her life. I enjoyed hearing all of the stories about her. One particularly:
Josh's great grandparents are from Ireland, but immigrated to America, and were buried here. One year, Mary (Nana) traveled to Ireland and brought home a bag of dirt, and placed it in the ground where her parents are buried, so they could have a piece of Ireland with them.
I thought that was really sweet.

Abigail was excited to meet her cousin Katie, who lives in Japan. As you can imagine, she became her best friend in 2 seconds. Her sister Lana is about the same age as Mailie. I was happy they all got some time to meet and play with one another.

Some photos from the funeral 

And a photo of Josh that I find so scrumptiously handsome. 

to be continued...

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