5,688 miles later...


here we are, the last leg of the trip, and I have stuff to actually print off for a future blog book!

As we left DC the girls passed out for an hour or so, which made me slightly nervous considering it was around 5pm, and I worried they wouldn't fall back to sleep. However, after a quick dinner, and plenty of spilt water over our tables and chairs, they both seemed happy enough to get back to their slumber.

Josh is made for traveling long distances without sleeping, and I'm made for talking the entire evening trying to take advantage of uninterrupted conversation, instead of not taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep. After driving most of the trip, however, Josh was had finally hit the max and needed some rest.

I think I made it only a few hours before my eyes felt heavy, so I broke and took one of those 5 Hour Energy's...I'm not a fan of energy drinks or caffeine, like the old days. I felt like it was needed though, so Josh could get some much needed sleep. That baby worked and I was able to get us to St. Louis at our estimated arrival time.

We met up with my sisters family at the Zoo, and the weather was far more preferred. Perfect for walking around outside comfortably, no wet shoes, no numbing limbs.

At this point in the game, Josh and I were both feeling pretty dirty and gross. We hadn't showered in a couple of days, and had the same outfits on the whole drive home. But if you saw the back of our trunk, you would understand why it was not worth it to venture in and get everything put back together, tetris-style, when we were so close to the end. We did make sure to have extra clothes out for the girls, at least. It's all about sacrifices, kids.

I liked this photo of us. It was nice to have many hours between our first and second trip here, to talk in person.

I really enjoyed the zoo there. It was neat to see a few animals I had never been able to before, like the hippo, cheetah, and wallaby. I also like how it's set up, just one trail, multiple vantage points, rather than many forks, like the Hogle.

One of the things Josh and I figured we "should" do while in St. Louis is try their famous bbq. So thankfully Jon and Kristin knew of the most popular place, Pappys Smokehouse. We waited either an hour and a half or two hours before we were sitting down and eating, which is normal for this place. I knew it would be long, but I have never waited that long for food. And honestly, that stuff was wicked awesome. I'm not a big on meat, but that was scrumdidlyumptious. It was a fun experience.

Cousins. Abigail tried her best to give us a smile. She was pretty sad about having to say goodbye to Koen, and also sad that she had been saying 'goodbye's for the past two weeks. I don't think the long drive helped matters. I really felt for her. Thankfully I still had some Sprinkles cupcakes to help her cheer up, a bit.

This leg of the trip was the hardest for Josh and I. He was still exhausted, and I wasn't on fire either. By midnight I decided to try one of those drinks again, since it was so successful the night before, but my body must have a superpower of growing immunities to something after one time, because I didn't feel a thing. By 2am we pulled over and decided to sleep in a parking lot. I did not sleep because I was sure each time I closed my eyes that there would be some psycho killer at my window. Too freaky for me. So after an hour of that madness I drove on, and thankfully made it a couple more hours. By then Josh felt more awake and was able to take the wheel. I don't know how he does it.

Nebraska feels like an eternity to get through, and even Wyoming dragged on simply because you're so close and just need to be home. Thankfully, these little guys paid us a visit and gave us some cheer for a bit. There were quite a few, calling each other, and popping in and out of holes, suddenly at our doors. I think they're adorable.

And what childhood would be complete without a Sinclair dinosaur photo.

And that is that! We made it, 5,688 miles. Hallelujah for cheaper fuel prices, and tax returns. Really, the trip went pretty smoothly, aside from the crazy semi truck driver who drove us off the side of the road, into the grassy median, causing mother bear to come out and want to hunt him down. And a real bummer was the fact that 2 holds I have had at the Library for the past many months finally came available to me while on the trip...and now I'm on the hold list, again. c'est la vie.

Truly though, the trip went great, and the girls were awesome travelers. I am thankful for that. It was an unexpected adventure for this year, and a good one. It left us with lots to think about. I already miss it.

Back to normal life.

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  1. Such a perfect trip! (Besides the drive home!)


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