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After our trip to the cape, it was time to pack up and say our goodbyes. We had such a great time at the Ence home, we were bummed to leave. Also, the realization that we would be sitting for many hours straight wasn't too thrilling, to any of us.

one last shot. Abigail and I looking pretty exhausted already.

We arrived early morning to DC and it was snowing. There was a car that had burst into flames and rolled over on the side of the road, and not an ounce of the sky that wasn't filled with grey clouds. Slightly disappointing considering we had dedicated a whole day to seeing the sites, but such is life. I was still wicked excited to see as much as possible!

As we headed out, it wasn't that cold, just lightly snowing. We first stopped by a little cafe to eat some breakfast and by the time we started eating, it was coming down a little harder. So Josh bought two umbrellas, and Mailie refused to use it, as well as thought it would be fun to jump in a puddle...a choice she would soon regret.

Our first stop, the White House. I had heard from others that it is smaller than you'd expect, which is true. Abigail was very excited to see where the Presidents live. She was disappointed we weren't going in...that's for another trip.

Our second stop, a nearby shop to purchase another umbrella and a hat for Mailie... really regretting buying the coat without a hood at this moment. The girls also picked out souvenirs. Abigail chose a snowglobe that had all the monuments inside of it, and Mailie chose a mousepad that had "White House" on it...she uses it as a frisbee.

And guess what? When you spend too much for an umbrella and souvenirs, you get to have an employee take a cheesy White House photo using your camera. So that was exciting.

Then it was off to the Washington Monument. By this time it had gotten pretty windy, and Mailie was really starting to feel the effects of jumping in a puddle on a cold wintery day. A man selling umbrellas saw her and though Josh was holding her and had her under an umbrella we just bought, he thought she needed her own mini umbrella and gave her one. I felt pretty horrible for her, but I also couldn't stop laughing at our ridiculous situation. Josh and the girls both had soaked shoes, Josh's hands were freezing since he donated his to Mailie, Abigail and I were each sharing a glove and keeping the ungloved hand in our pocket, and we are now going home with an obsessive amount of umbrellas.

Abigail and myself were still excited to come upon the Washington Monument, though. We went up to the top, which was a welcome escape from the outside.

 We went into the Smithsonian, firstly to dry the girls shoes and socks, and then to enjoy the plethora of History. I can not wait to return and see it all.

I just liked the way Mailie was sit-standing/hanging here

A girl thrilled to have toasty dry shoes again

It didn't take much longer before we had two exhausted babes, one of which was getting sick and we didn't realize it, and the other refused to walk, so our arms got pretty tired from carrying her around. And Josh's shoes and feet were still soaked themselves. So at this point we decided we would be saving many of the monuments for another trip, and see one last one, the Lincoln Memorial. This is the one I had been wanting to see my whole life and was the most excited about.

It was impossible for me not to get emotional as I stood where MLK stood while he gave his amazing speech, and I was happy to share that with Abigail. I had shown the video of his speech to them a couple of months ago, as well as we've been reading about Abraham Lincoln, and as soon as she saw the Washington Memorial she recognized where we were and where we were going. I look forward to her seeing it again one day, in warmer circumstances when her body isn't feeling so crumby.

Mailie, cheerful because she was being carried everywhere

We grabbed some lunch and by the time we ordered we looked over to see Abigail asleep...not like her whatsoever. We figured she must just be exhausted from the long trip, walking around all day, and cold wet weather. I wished that was the case, but when she and I went to the bathroom, we found out immediately that she had a UTI. Crappy timing, the thought of her having to go through that as we drive across the country broke my heart. So as soon as we got back to the car, Josh gave her a blessing. Abigail had the sweetest smile on her face as he did so. She was told that her pain would be short. So each time she had to go, she would tell herself "I can do this, it will be short!" I was so proud of her. Last time she had one, it went on for a few days. Thankfully this time it was over in two, at most, which was a huge blessing!

Before we left DC we had to stop by the infamous Sprinkles. It was between this and Georgetown Cupcakes (DC Cupcakes). We ended up choosing Sprinkles based off of Yelp reviews. And they did not disappoint. They were super delicious and a welcome treat for a girl feeling so crumby.

Not the trip we had envisioned, but a fun experience all the same, and I am grateful for it. One thing I had to keep reminding myself was that we would be back. We can't fit everything into one trip.

Now it was off to St. Louis again.

I also wanted to share these beauties. Lois is extremely talented in quilt work, and even has a beautiful quilt hanging up in the Boston Temple. These are just a couple of her works in their home. I wish you could see all the detail up close.

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