A happy welcome to my thirties...


I've missed out on blogging for the past couple of months, so it's time to catch up.

I celebrated my thirtieth birthday in April. I found myself excited to bid farewell to my twenties, and welcome in a new decade. I had some wonderful moments in my twenties; college; meeting my best friend, Josh; and having my two beautiful babes. The twenties also brought a lot of stress and anguish that I was more than obliged to say "peace out" to, and though turning thirty does not mean those times did not occur, there was something freeing about a new decade, and the excitement and hope for the year to come.

I went to dinner at a place called Eva's, with some girlfriends of mine. The food was really delicious, though the best part was having an evening with good friends, chatting and laughing, and completely free of worry...always great therapy. Afterwards we enjoyed some dessert at Gourmandise; my favorite french pastry place here in Salt Lake City. It was a wonderful evening out.

For my actual birthday, we went OPH for our traditional birthday breakfast, with my friend, Kate, and her little ones. Josh surprised me by showing up and telling me he really didn't have work. I think he's done this twice now...putting forth the effort to get up early and go to work, only to show up where he knows the girls and I will be an hour later.

We spent the whole day together.I wanted to take the girls to Cinderella. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the upcoming Disney movies they are remaking. They recently remodeled the theater we go to, and it is awesome. All of the seats are lazyboy recliners, which makes movie watching far more comfortable. We didn't get a great photo, since it's obviously dark in there, so a 'glowing eye shot', it is.

We enjoyed a birthday dessert before dinner, since Josh and I were going on a date. We had an amped up version of strawberry shortcake, by making it triple-berry shortcake, and I think I'll stick with doing it that way, every time. Berries, whipped cream, and angel food cake is always a good time.

As mentioned above, Josh and I went on a date! We originally were going to try out a new place, but when we showed up, we just weren't feeling the menu. So instead we went to Eva's (same as my night out with friends), since I was still craving what I had eaten the week prior, and I wanted Josh to try it. I was happy he enjoyed it as much as I had. And as all of you couples out there can attest, it is amazing eating alone as a couple, without children, no matter how much we love and adore our babes.

So here's to thirty!

Also in April, my parents officially became Temple missionaries in Hong Kong! We had lots of fun hanging out for a week before they left, with bike rides, picnics, games, and plenty of food. One thing I was nervous about was the moment we had to say goodbye at the airport, and that it would be tough for Abigail. She's so tenderhearted and worries easily. She was determined to be strong for them, and she didn't shed a tear, for which I am grateful for, because if she cries, I am bound to follow. We're very excited for my parents and this amazing opportunity they have to serve, and know it will be an incredible journey for them. 

First day with their name tags

See you in eighteen months!


  1. Makes me wish we lived up there so we could try all that yummy food with you! Glad you had a good birthday and were able to celebrate with friends and family.

  2. So glad you got some good time with family and friends to celebrate! I need to find some time to email and have my girls send your promised beachy care package to your girls now that the warm weather has arrived!

  3. We certainly look forward to seeing you in 18 months, and sharing our experiences of this incredible journey with you.


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