Happy 7th Birthday, Abigail Kaye!!


Miss Abigail is now a seven year old, and her year long countdown to baptism has begun. She's excited, to say the least.

Our family tradition is to go to the Original Pancake House (not IHOP) for breakfast on our birthday. They happen to give you a free crepe (delicious) on your birthday, so Abigail was really happy about that. 

Abigail wanted to go to the Church History Museum, which just happened to finally finish their renovation a few weeks ago, so it worked out perfectly. I was excited to see the changes myself. There is a lot of beautiful artwork to check out, so I enjoyed that part, while the girls had fun playing with blocks, coloring, building, etc. Plus since many kids are in school, it wasn't that busy, which is a mega plus for me. 

She also requested that we go to the park and all play together...I appreciated her easy requests. While there a lady with a cockatoo was walking around and let the girls check it out, as well as put it on their head. They thought it was hilarious. 

Abigail's request for dinner was Chuck-A-Rama. She loves it there because of their salad bar...a girl after my own heart. Mailie loves it because of the mac and cheese. I'm thinking I need to add more "salad bars"to our meal plans. I do enjoy the ease of the Rama, because your kid is bound to find something they enjoy.

Her request for dessert was vanilla cupcakes with Olaf. So I took to sculpting him and it was a lot of fun and really quite relaxing for me. One day I'd like to take sculpting classes and see if I have a talent for it. Until then, I'll enjoy doing these little things with fondant or clay during the kids art time. I was excited with how he turned out, and she loved him.

Photo time:

Supposedly this was the Moroni that used to be in Washington DC...but some random girl told me that while visiting, and she didn't work there, so I can't say that's a fact. Either way, Abigail was thrilled to see him up close and personal.

Abigail has been wanting a locket for quite some time now, and thankfully they had one on Pick Your Plum for wicked cheap. She kept saying "I can't believe it!"...she was excited.

Mailie Ryan was genuinely excited about everything for Abigail's birthday. She was so happy to see Abigail open her gifts, and blow out candles. It was adorable to watch her face and excitement.

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