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One of my resolutions was to keep this puppy updated monthly...clearly that hasn't happened. So I'll try to catch up as much as possible, and make up for my absence because one day I will be grateful for it.

We started school eight weeks ago. Our school is year round, and set up into trimesters. We go six weeks on, one week off, pretty much, with holidays and birthdays off. It works well for us. The first six weeks went pretty great, and I'm feeling in the groove of things. I think I will always be adjusting and making changes, but that is normal. I love that I can make these adjustments easily and cater to their learning desires.

We run pretty scheduled and structured here, as that is what works for us. I tried the more laid back approach to see if the girls would prefer that route, and it just didn't mesh well with any of us, for which I was grateful for because I very much love schedules and structure. So a big thank you to Heavenly Father for giving me two babes that operate like I do in that sense.

Mailie is one of the funniest little humans I have had the pleasure of spending my life with. She brings so much comedic relief, and it seems to be just when we need it. She is adamant about being Spider-Man one day, or at least marrying him. She has also had the longest human pregnancy, as she has expressed quite passionately for well over a year now that she has a baby in her stomach. She talks about his likes and dislikes often, and doesn't understand why he hasn't come out yet. .

Abigail played soccer again this year. Her last game for autumn is this week. I am curious if she will have the desire to play again. She has the natural ability, and loves to run hard and kick, but soccer is an aggressive sport (this year far more than last), and I would never describe Abigail as "aggressive", a go-getter and determined, yes, but aggressive, no. She does not seem interested in being in the middle of a pack of wolves fighting over a ball. I think she is feeling conflicted right now, because she says she loves playing with her friends, but she's not sure if soccer is her thing. We've explained that the most important thing is for her to find something she loves and enjoys doing, for her, but she does need to finish out the season, because she's made that commitment. So we'll see what she decides for the future. She has adamantly asked to play tennis, so I guess it's time for me to really get her out there more often, which I am happy to oblige.

This new semester has proven quite intense with Josh. He's taking five classes. We don't see the man too often, but we love him, and can not wait for graduation. Though he works full time as well, we are grateful his job isn't strenuous, and allows him to focus on school.

I am very grateful we had the summer with him. We were able to go hiking a few times, and camping a couple of weekends, which was very fun, and extremely nice to get away. I am always at ease and feel so much peace when we get away into nature.

Now, for photos:

We live near the mountain that has the 'H'for Highland High School, and Abigail has always wanted to go up to it. So after four years we finally remembered to do so. The hike is pretty blah, except there is a great view. I don't think it lived up to Abigail's expectations, as the photo below shows their "excitement"...they did get to see some lizards, though, and she's happy she got to see the H so close.

4th of July at the Bees Game. The girls made many friends with all those sitting around us. It ended up being a blast, and the weather was far cooler than last year, so it was far more comfortable. I enjoyed getting to know the people sitting all around us, thanks to the girls friendliness, and it felt like a party.

Our first camping trip was at Mt. Timp, which is beautiful. I really love that area. The mountains in Provo are so majestic, and I find it much more peaceful than SLC. The girls did great camping, and everything was pretty easy going. We attempted to hike to Stewart Falls, but I think it'll take another year or two before Mailie's legs can hold out that long. Josh and I are not the "hiking with a kid on your back" type, so we'll try again later.

I liked this tree.

Our second camping trip was to Mirror Lake, which is the perfect peaceful spot. Small little lake easy enough to walk around, and a clean lake at that. No motor boats, far away from the city, and it has especially beautiful colors during autumn. I would love to live on a lake like Mirror Lake. Everyone is always so friendly and neighborly, as fellow campers. We even got to enjoy fresh wild blueberries while walking around it, which the girls found very exciting. And Josh reminisced the endless amounts of huge berries you can eat in the woods of NE. We also enjoyed some "scary ghost stories" which the girls are very into these days.

This summer the girls found this really adorable bird outside, that had sadly died. So we had a funeral, and they named it Chipper.

Random photo of the girls, who were very happy about the shirts they were wearing. Mailie Ryan went around "shooting webs".

The girls working on their Van Gogh artwork.

And lastly, for this post, our "First Day of School"photos...

This cute little guy makes a lot of noise, and we watch him collecting nuts daily. He joined us for our photos.

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