Halloween 2015...


By the time I was thirteen, I was not that big into Halloween, but then Abigail came to my life, and now I find it quite fun to dress up with my babes. We like to do a theme as a family, based off of what the girls are wanting to be. I am sure they won't care for that when they're a bit older, but for now we'll take it. This year Abigail wanted to Princess Leia, based off of the Empire Strikes Back outfit (we recently let the girls watch to movies, and they loved them), and Mailie wanted to be Spider-Man. So we went with a Superhero theme.

This year the girls were way in to getting into character and posing, and I loved it.

I love Halloween. I love the excitement in all of the kids faces, and seeing children and families walking up and down the streets. Everyone seems so happy and it's just one big party. 

Our neighborhood has had a tradition the past five years. Everyone is invited to the Fredricks home to eat dinner, potluck style. The kids run around, barely eating, and the adults enjoy chatting and actually eating our food. From there, it's your usual trick-or-treating, but there are also stops along the way. One home does s'mores, another cider and popcorn, a fondue stop, donuts and cider stop, and a few more. I love it, and feel like it's a great way to really bring the community together and get to know your neighbors. We always end at the Hamblins, where we enjoy sitting around a fire and just relaxing before heading home. 

Josh and I have decided that wherever we go from here, we'd like to get the same kind of tradition going. Goals.

One home goes all out for the occasion. They do a different theme each year, and this year was Wizard of Oz. They have a son who is a fashion designer and made all of their amazing costumes. They had the movie playing on the side of the house, awesome decor, and each of them playing their part well. It's amazing and just so much fun. Mailie was not very thrilled with the monkey, so she was all too happy to get out of there. Abigail was unsure at first, but once she talked to him and knew there was just a regular guy underneath that costume, she warmed right up...those monkeys are a bit creepy. Abigail asked to have her picture taken with a few of them, and the "Tin-Man"(the mother) said she was the first to ask, and just made her day...Abigail was beaming about that.

Enough writing. 

My friend makes amazing costumes, and this year was fantastic. She even made real Turkish Delight. She deserves an award. 

Effie and Abigail as Leia. She was so excited to see all the different Star Wars costumes. At one point we had Leia, Vader, Skywalker, and Obi Wan altogether. 

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  1. Your neighborhood sounds amazing, like the dream neighborhood! I love it. Our neighbors are polite but are a bit weird-ed out when we try to befriend them. Sad. :( I didn't know your girls are into Star Wars. I don't even know if our kids know what Stars Wars is; I know to some that is a travesty. :)


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