October goodess...


I love October.

Each year we go to Mabey's to pick out a couple of pumpkins. It's a great place to let the girls run free.

Abigail's last game was on Halloween. It was our best game, and Abigail seemed to really come out and just kicking non-stop. It was fun to watch. When you sign up, it is for both Fall/Spring, so we have a few months, then Spring, and I'll be curious to see how she enjoys it then, and if she chooses to continue after that. 

 One of the neat things our neighborhood does each year is the Harvest of Hope. It's a fundraiser where all proceeds go to a deserving family, and a doctor who is one of the leading researchers for childhood cancer, here in Utah. This year's family was the Glenn Family, who have triplet boys, two with autism, and one with severe cerebral palsy. On top of that, this past year Patricia (mother) was diagnosed with cancer and is enduring intense chemo treatments, and has had a double mastectomy. Needless to say, this family is in much need of love and support!

The fundraiser includes a boutique, baked goods, silent auction, and much more. It's amazing to watch it all go down, and all the wonderful volunteers, and donations overflowing. They were pounded with our largest storm of the year, with intense rain and flooding, but it didn't stop people from coming and helping. I love seeing communities come together.

Abigail was very excited to be able to help, in the way of taking down all the decorations, which included these massive Styrofoam pumpkins, vegetables, and fruit. I was extremely proud of this girl. She was going non-stop, carrying anything she could, and constantly asking "what more can I do?". She found such joy in the service, and I found such joy in watching her willingness and excitement to do so. The two things she told me, "You never know when you need a helping hand.", and then "what would you have done without me?" amen, lady.

A couple of weeks ago I took the girls on a drive to hopefully see some asteroids. There was a slight chance we'd be able to see them on two different nights. The first night, we didn't have any luck, but the girls liked the experience of trying. I decided to give it another try the next night, this time taking popcorn to keep us a little occupied. The girls especially loved jamming out the Neil Diamond.
We ended up seeing quite a few, and it was fantastic. The girls were so giddy with excitement at the constant streaks through the sky. I'm happy we went back the next night, and was a fun mommy-daughter date weekend.

They've been in the silly faces photo taking mood, lately. This is actually common for Mailie Ryan, but you don't get it too often from Abigail.

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  1. I love that your neighborhood does that Harvest for Hope, that is awesome!!! Mailie is looking so much older to me, how old is she again?

    1. She is going to be four this month :)


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