October goodness, continued...


We love taking little hikes in the canyons during this time of year. It's warm, but crisp, endless leaves of many colors blowing in the wind. I love it.

Millcreek Canyon is a favorite.

 We've been so blessed to have a couple of wonderful friends placed in our lives, who homeschool as well. It's been fantastic for the girls. We have seven girls and one boy, altogether.

This trip, we went to Silver Lake to walk around and have a picnic. It ended up being chillier than expected, so we made it around the lake, ate a few bites, and then grabbed some cocoa down the road at Silver Fork Lodge to warm up.

Sans BreAna's kids, who hadn't made it to the lake yet. I love this picture.

Warming up at the bar with their cocoa's.

Last week for US History/Geography, we learned about Delaware. Abigail (with assistance) built the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Mailie enjoyed playing with it.

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