Mailie Ryan turned 4! (Birthday Interview)


November was rough. We have all been sick, but not all at once, so it's been weeks of each person being taken down slowly.

There has been epiglottitis, pneumonia, congestion, throwing up, and lots of barking coughs. It's been fun. Thankfully after weeks, I think we're nearing the end. Good riddance.

Mailie Ryan seems to have taken the least of the hits, which I am grateful for. Not only because she's just smaller and it feels even more depressing, but also because it was her birthday this past month, and I didn't want her to have to be sick on the day she's been so anxious about.

She was very happy about turning four, and made sure to let everyone we came in contact with the good news.
As usual we went to OPH for her birthday breakfast. We also went to Temple Square where the girls love to play at the children's area in the JSMB, along with run around looking at all the nativities they have set up now. We also skyped with both sets of grandparents, which is exciting for the kids, but I find their attention span doesn't last as long when conversations are over the internet, so it turns into more of the adults talking. I think they're just too excited about the days "festivities". They also got to meet Santa. They both looked so cute sitting on his lap together, and were happy to talk to him. Abigail told him she is still thinking about what she wants. Mailie Ryan told him she wants a real lion...she's been asking for this for quite some time. I don't have a photo of that, because it would have cost $45, and that will never be happening. So instead we took a photo outside of the little shop. Meeting him was free.

Spiderman is definitely the theme of Mailie's life. She hasn't actually ever seen Spiderman, but she has a book about him and instantly thought he was the coolest. She frequently goes around shooting her webs.

Due to the pneumonia, my plan for a cool cake turned into simple cupcakes. Thankfully, she was happy no matter what, and thrilled with the toppers. She was just a happy girl all day, and couldn't believe that we were celebrating her the whole time. She kept asking if it was still her birthday throughout the day, and seemed surprised when we confirmed. I loved how excited she was. She also ate more than usual, partying it up, and by two in the morning she had thrown up her cupcake and anything else her tiny stomach couldn't hold.

Our new tradition is the video birthday interview. I'm loving it, and look forward to the coming years. You'll notice her answers are far quicker, as in one word answers, and two people are the light of her life: Mac, a friend of hers who has since moved to North Dakota and she is still heartbroken, but determined to marry. And of course, Spiderman.


She is trying to be Hook.

Mailie Ryan's Birthday Interview 2015

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  1. I like the video idea so the girls can look back and see their mannerisms and voice. So cute.


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