Christmas time 2015, part 1...


I truly love Christmas time and the festivities that take place. I feel like there is excitement and joy in the air that just doesn't seem to be as present during the rest of the year. I made the decision many years ago that it would not be a stressful time of year for me, or my family. I love giving gifts to my babes, and honestly it is fun receiving little things from them, but if it felt stressful and chaotic, then that would just ruin the excitement and purpose in actually giving the gifts, as well as the true meaning of the holiday. So we keep things laid back around here and just try to have lots of fun together. Also, may I suggest Amazon Prime to any human who reads this. They made Christmas time even more of a breeze, and I cannot imagine life without them. No craziness with angry parking lot drivers, or mall shoppers. It was fantastic.

This year we decided to get two baby trees, rather than one large one, for each of the girls to decorate their own, and I think it might be a new tradition. They had so much fun dressing up their own tree, and actually able to reach everywhere, and anything mini is adorable.

Our ward had a cute Polar Express themed Christmas Party, where we all wore matching pajamas. Santa and his elf visited, and Abigail is convinced that the Santa's you see at malls or parties are just his helpers, and not the actual Santa. This was my conclusion as a child, as well. 

Temple Square Lights. I'm grateful we went before the snow storms came in, and the bone chilling temps that accompanied. 

The girls delivering blankets that were being collected for cancer patients in the hospital. I look forward to the day we can do more, but for now I love being able to have the girls involved in any kind of service possible. 

Then came in the snow.

Snow came on Monday, which was to be our grocery shopping day. Unfortunately culdesac's are last on the list to plow. I shoveled four times this day, including shoveling Josh's car down the street to get him to the driveway. I was exhausted, and slightly emotional due to exhaustion and probably hangry ;) By dinner time our street still had not been plowed. So we bundled the girls up and walked to the closest place to grab a bite to eat. The girls thought it was awesome and asked if we could do it again.

I have not been the biggest lover of snow since hitting adulthood, I guess. However, I have found it far more enjoyable since having the girls, and them being an age to go sledding and really playing in it. They love it, and it's magical, so I enjoy it a bit more.

I'm not sure why the videos are uploading with a snapshot video below.


  1. Snow was always scary in that area- I remember when the bishop called to cancel church cause of snow. That never happens in Utah! :)

    1. We've had it happen a few times in this ward! However, I guess the main reason they've done that in this ward isn't because the snow is that bad, but because of all of the elderly, and the fact that the parking lot is so sloped that it gets pretty dangerous. I remember when we lived right across the street from it and church was canceled, it seemed funny since we were right there ;)

  2. i think kids make snow more fun too. i bet my kids would love having their own tree to decorate, fun idea.


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