Christmas Time 2015, part 3...


When I was little I had the hardest time sleeping on Christmas Eve, anxiously anticipating when Santa would be dropping gifts off hoping I would see him and Rudolph. And I was obviously excited about the gifts themselves.

Now that I am a parent of two very excited girls, anxiously awaiting Santa, I once again have a hard time sleeping. I'm just too excited for them, and as much as I want to sleep, I'm too anxious as to when they'll be creeping in, and hoping they just finally do it so we can do this thing. Alas, my children slept pretty well, so I was left waiting there, staring at the ceiling. They probably came in around 6:45, with little giggles, trying to quietly sneak up on was adorable.

First things first, everyone brushed their teeth. There will be hugs and kisses, and I think we'd all appreciate freshness when doing so. Then, it's game time.

The one thing the girls both said they really wanted was an electric train. There are some pretty cool ones out there, but thankfully Santa found a pretty cheap one on Amazon. I think I'd like one of those "fancy"ones in the future when the Bigger family sets on a place to live permanently, and has the room. For now, these babes were ecstatic and loved their new electric train.

Abigail asked for things to help her become a scientist and a chef. We found these neat kids knives, and a kids cookbook, and a science kit. I've loved having her stand alongside me chopping up veggies and fruit, and not feeling paranoid about her chopping her finger off. The first thing she made from her cookbook were marshmallow popcorn balls, and it took me back to my childhood...I hadn't had one in many years.

We do one of her science experiments each Sunday evening, and they've been loving the magic that comes from mixing solutions, and watching science in action.

Mailie Ryan asked for construction trucks, and a tool set. She has very much enjoyed playing with Josh's tools and taking things apart so she can put them back together, which I love watching. So now she has her very own toolbox and set, even if they are toys and not the real thing. She loves them. Josh is excited to get her her very own real tool set in the future. She is also really into Doc McStuffins, so as my Secret Santa gift to her, I got her a matching game. Ps. This was our first year drawing names as a family, and I was quite excited to have my kids old enough to do that. I'm looking forward to drawing names for Valentines coming up.

Love all around. Mailie had Abigail for Secret Santa and got her a large crayon filled with art supplies. They have both enjoyed the bounty.

Josh asked for the Bear Grylls fire starter thing, which the girls found fascinating to see in action. It will be cool to use when camping season rolls by again. He is also really into funky socks. This man owns more ties and socks than any human I know, but alas, I found more colorful socks for him, as well as a pretty tie that I deemed the 'Job Interview' tie, since graduation is coming up.

Side note: There is an elderly couple in our ward whom I love and hope to be like one day, and a couple of weeks ago came up to Josh and she said, "I wouldn't say this to many, but I find you quite handsome with that beard of yours". Win!! I loved every moment of that conversation ;)

One of our traditions is to have a birthday dessert for Jesus. This year I made these raspberry chocolate cups, and they were a hit.

This is what happens when you have long hair and lean your head over while playing with an electric train. It ended up not being too bad, and she only lost a small chunk of hair.

To end my year, I completed my goal of making it to the temple at least once a month. I was so excited when I walked out of the temple knowing I had accomplished what I set out to do. This was my first full year doing so, and I will continue to keep it up, as it has blessed me in many ways and will continue to do so. I love the temple with every part of me. It has brought me peace during unimaginable moments and brings me closer to my Savior and Heavenly Father. I leave it feeling rejuvenated and with the knowledge that I can do this, and all will be well.


  1. post the recipe for the raspberry cup dessert, it looks awesome!

    I'm a big Doc McStuffins fan myself. I've never seen an episode but I like what she represents.

    I looked at that science book/kit but wasn't sure if it would be good or not. Sounds like it is from this post so maybe I'll get one in the future.

    What kid knives are your talking about? Are they real knives but somehow less likely to cut a finger? If so, I want more details. I'm too anxious with my kids and knives in the kitchen.

  2. I guess I need to get with it, and check out your blog more often. Good to see photos and learn of what the Biggers have been up to. Looks like loads of fun.


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