Christmas Time 2015, part 2...


We went on our second annual "Fancy Date", this time for breakfast since Josh had a final that evening. We started this last year after Abigail started reading the Fancy Nancy books and offered us fancy lessons. We dress up and go somewhere to eat that isn't necessarily fancy. Last year we went to Ruth's Diner, this year we went to the Original Pancake House.

We went pretty basic with our gingerbread houses this year, but the girls had fun just the same.

We had a second helping of a snowstorm, and this time it was perfect for building. This year the girls wanted to make Olaf. He stayed around for awhile as well, since it was below freezing for a couple of weeks, but he finally lost his head a couple of days ago.

We had our very own little family Christmas party. What's fantastic is how simple you make a party for kids, and they are in heaven. We played Santa Says (Simon says), Pin the nose on the Reindeer, Christmas Charades, Snowball toss in a Snowman cup (using cotton-balls), and then we finished it off with the game where you pass the present around to music, and unwrapping it as the music turns off. I just wrapped a box multiple times with different paper. In the end, both of the girls ended up with yo-yo's and they were thrilled. Party success.

My favorite part is their laughs and smiles, and the sheer happiness in their faces.

For Christmas Eve we went Ice Skating. I had naive hopes that it wouldn't be busy during the afternoon. We still had a lot of fun and the girls did great! I look forward to doing this more often in the future. Photo reel and video below.

Another new tradition of ours is Christmas Eve fondue. We did both a cheese and chocolate. I like how easy fondue is, and a much easier clean up.

Christmas Eve night. Excited for the big day.

Watching It's A Wonderful Life. I remember us always watching this and The Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, when I was growing up. 

I was curious how well the girls would do being able to fall asleep considering all of their excitement. Surprisingly they knocked right out, which was fantastic.

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  1. Love the Christmas party. it is nice how happy the kids are with such simple parties. i also like your matching pj pants. i thought about doing that this year but couldn't find any that i liked. i have wanted to do fondue for christmas eve or new years, but just never do for some reason.


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