Welcome, 2016. I think you'll be awesome...


I love New Years Eve. It's a complete party holiday. There are no real obligations. Just enjoy food, play games, and live it up till midnight. I've always found it fun. These days staying up till midnight takes a little bit more effort, but I can take a challenge.

We let the girls stay up, because I think that makes it more fun than just Josh and myself counting down. For NYE dinner our tradition is Chinese food. The best place we have found here in Utah is a place called the Mandarin, in Bountiful. However, for NYE you have to order days in advance, then drive there of course, and you're still waiting in the parking lot for an hour before you can actually pick it up, because they are quite busy for this holiday. So we opted out of that this year, and just chose a place closer by, nothing amazing, but it fed us.

We watched the movie Pan, trying to pass the time. The girls seemed to really like it. I liked it, but felt like they needed to explain how Hook and Pan become enemies in the future. I didn't get the impression there was a sequel to this movie coming out, but maybe I am wrong.

Then it was time for games. We played hide&seek, charades/gestures, and Heads Up. We danced it out, snacked on more food, and then honestly I'm not sure what else we came up with to keep us all going strong. I'm not big on the NYE shows they do the last hour, because there is far more trash on them than when I was little. We were definitely getting tired, and Mailie Ryan nearly fell asleep about five minutes to the countdown, but we all made it! And we all went to sleep directly after.

Happy 2016!

Our New Year tradition is to go see a movie, and this years move was the long anticipated Star Wars. All four of us were excited about this one. The girls saw all six movies a few months back and loved them. So when they saw a preview for this seventh movie coming out they were asking on a weekly basis when we'd see it. It didn't disappoint, we all enjoyed it very much.

Anytime we go to the theater, the girls ask to take a picture in those photobooth things. We had told them we would do it on New Year's day. So they waited, and waited, and finally that glorious day came for them.

We made Resolution/Goal/Vision boards. Abigail requested that we all stand up and share them with each other.

Mailie Ryan's tells a story about being eaten by a tiger and then apparently resurrecting in a happy place. We didn't one hundred percent follow the story line, but she really is a hilarious child to listen to.

Abigail's goal is to be baptized, and to "CTR". She also plans to invent something that involves a television with chairs that collapse and fold up into the tv, or something like that. Also, she plans to make smoothies...among many other things.

2015 was a fine year. We got to take an unexpected road trip back east in the beginning of the year. We haven't been able to do much traveling in the past ten years, so that trip was really a nice adventure for us.

I don't have much to complain about when it comes to the past year, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't a busy and stressful one.

Our plan of graduation in December got tossed out the window when two of Josh's needed classes weren't offered during the summer. So that was a bummer, but we took it in stride and chose to appreciate the break he got to spend with us during those hot summer days.

Josh has been working hard non stop. He works full time and has been doing five classes per semester. We don't get to see him much and that has definitely been hard on all of us...we all miss each other. The past semester was the hardest, and it took extra work to make sure we all kept our heads at times, but we survived it, and got to enjoy a nice winter break with each other as our reward.

So, ringing in 2016 was exciting for all of us, because we have been anticipating what it will bring. We plan on it being awesome.

As mentioned, our sweet Abigail is getting baptized this year! She is already planning her big day. I haven't quite gotten there yet, but I'll have to jump on board soon apparently. She recently went to her friends baptism and just after she came out of the water, Abigail came up and said, "that was awesome", with the biggest smile on her face. So yes, she's excited.

2016 will also bring us our much anticipated and long awaited graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure I could emphasize our excitement enough about that one. As for what will happen after graduation, I can not answer that, but we'll take one thing at a time. I plan on crying many tears of happiness at my man's big day/our family's big day, and the girls' and I will shout loud and clear for him, probably embarrassing him. We have a countdown in the schoolroom, and I breath lighter and lighter each time I see that number go down.

So again, 2016, I have welcome you with open arms, and have been anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Let's do this thing.

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