Peace out, Sleep Apnea...


Things have been busy and I have failed to keep my blog updated as I had hoped. So I will try to catch up here before life gets even busier and it just feels impossible to post at all.

The beginning of April started off with me having surgery to fix my deviated septum. I had a CT prior and was a bit blown away with how curved it was in there, practically blocking my entire right nasal passage. I haven't been sleeping well for years now, and it was just getting worse. It was extremely difficult to wake up in the morning, and I would have to nap at least once, sometimes twice a day. I felt like when I was pregnant with Mailie. Along with that, I constantly felt like I had a stuffy, itchy nose, I was more irritable, and just always running on low. So I went for the surgery since so many said it would be life changing.

There's a chance this could solve a cough I've had since I was eleven, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If it does, that's fantastic, but if it doesn't, I've lived with it this long and I accepted years ago I'll probably have to wait for the afterlife anyway.

Fast forward two months later and I can repeat what everyone else told me...this truly has been life changing. It's the best thing I could have done for myself, and I cannot believe the difference it has made. I can breathe, and it feels amazing. I no longer have to take these sudden deep breaths through my mouth because enough oxygen wasn't reaching my lungs through my nose for a couple of minutes. It actually tickled, in the beginning, having that much air reaching the back of my throat through my nose.

Even better, I can sleep! I recognized it a couple of weeks ago. I can wake up easily, two hours earlier than before, and I no longer nap. I feel rested and have energy again. It's amazing, and I am extremely grateful. So if you have a deviated septum, and you find you can't sleep, get the surgery, it is worth it.  Another plus is Josh says I don't snore anymore...bonus for the husband!

Soccer has come to an end. I'll be curious if Abigail wants to sign up again later. I don't think she will. She loves playing around with her friends, but when it comes to the games she does not like being huddled together with all the kids...the girl likes her space like her mother. She says she wants to play tennis...a wonderful sport if you like space! So I am going to focus on getting her out more this summer to practice. I would love it if my babes played tennis, but it's not something I want to push on them simply because it's my thing. So I'll enjoy their excitement for it as long as it lasts.

I got nostalgic and picked up a Jane Fonda workout dvd from the library. Mailie loved it, and I loved watching her do them.

Mailie wanted to take her Book of Mormon on our walk because she said it's her "map" right you are Mailie ;-)

We went on a family walk and Mailie just decided she couldn't go any further. Truly I think Mailie is quite lazy at times, or at least enjoys being the small one that people might carry. Abigail seems willing to oblige her most of the time.

I'm not sure how long we will live in Utah, but if we are to leave, I will greatly miss Temple Square. We love coming here often, the girls especially love to see the endless amounts of brides. It's peaceful and beautiful, and dear to me.

On to the next post...


  1. I DID A COMMENT BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT WENT. tHE GIRLS ARE GROWING UP SO FAST. Hopefully we can see you when your parents get home. see the cap. letters then the small ones but I am not going to correct them love to you all.

  2. Well, Mailie doing the Jane Fonda video is pretty great. Oh, that just gave me an idea, I'll email it. I'm glad the nose surgery went well and has made a huge difference. That is awesome.


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