The Decade Anniversary...


Ten years. In ways it feels we have been together far longer, but of course, it seems as though it has flown right by. Oh and what a journey it has been thus far. Both of us would say that not much has gone the way we had initially planned, but I contribute that to Heavenly Father knowing what a planner I am and needing to teach me to go with the flow more often.

Original anniversary plans had to be put on hold due to preparing for graduation, but all in due time. It was still a wonderful and beautiful day.

The first part of the day we celebrated our Bigger Family 10th Birthday. We took the girls to the Church History Museum where they love the children's museum, and we love looking at the artwork and reading about the past.

Somewhat recreating the wedding day photo.

Birthday desserts. The macarons were the best I've ever had. I'm not big on them usually, but these were awesome.

The evening was spent celebrating, just the two of us. The girls were excited to be babysat, and we were excited about a date. We had dinner at a spanish place called Finca, which we had been anticipating because we had their paella a couple years ago and were in heaven. Unfortunately, this time around it was just "eh". Oh well. At least we still got an uninterrupted dinner.

Documentation of my talent of making Josh cry with my writing skills.

Then we went and accomplished a long time dream of mine, wheel throwing. I've been wanting to try this since sixth grade when I first saw a pottery wheel in my art class...other than that scene from Ghost, of course. We were both excited to give it a go, and my only hope was to leave feeling like I had at least some potential at doing more in the future.

It was fantastic. We both left excited to do more. I find it incredibly therapeutic and joyful. I'm a bit of a clean freak, so 'mess' isn't something I welcome easily, but this is one thing that I really found joy in getting messy with, almost soothing. I loved every moment.

The finished product, after trimming, glazing, and firing.

I have a second class set up for next week and goals in mind! In that first class, I experienced the sadness of having something cool going and then pressing too hard and destroying own Ghost moment. That being said, there was some joy in messing up and learning what not to do next time.

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  1. i love your art work. jeff loves making pottery and someday he would love his own wheel. if that dream ever comes true, feel free to visit and use it. :)


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