First Flight, Hanging Out With the Fam...


In June we flew to Missouri. This was the first time flying for both of the girls, so I was a bit nervous about how things would go. Thankfully, Josh gave me a blessing, and my worries went away.

I guess Abigail has heard about planes crashing, so she was a bit unsure at first. She asked Josh for a blessing the day before and from then on she was pretty excited. Mailie didn't seem to have a fear in the world and made sure to make that known whenever Abigail expressed uncertainty. Such humility.

Aside from two terminal changes, and a slight flight delay, everything went smoothly. The girls were pretty excited and thought it was cool. Abigail thought it was pretty cool to see the wing of the plane while flying through the air. They both passed out not too long into the flight. There was a fair amount of turbulence so I was grateful they were sleeping during that part.

When we arrived I couldn't wait to step outside and feel that humidity. Instant natural lotion. I loved it. We finally got to the hotel around 2:30 in the morning, so we were pretty exhausted, but I was really proud of the girls. They handled all the commotion really well, despite the crazy hours and the complete change to their normal routine.

We were meeting my family at the zoo the next morning to surprise my mother. It was her 60th birthday and she didn't know some of her kids would be showing up in Missouri as well. They went to MO to visit my sister's family while the HK Temple was closed for a few weeks, and my dad planned out this surprise.

The next few days the girls had a blast running around like crazy, lots of laughing, excited screaming, and surprisingly not a whole lot of accidents for the number of kids grouped together.

My sister put together an awesome obstacle course for everyone to participate in. I loved the excitement on all of the kids faces, and determination in some. Mailie kept repeating, "I can do this!"
It was a lot of fun and I appreciate the time put into getting that together for all of us.

On my mother's birthday, the sisters went to breakfast with the birthday girl, and the men watched the kids. It was nice to have some time with the ladies to eat, try new things, and chat without interruptions. Then that evening we had a fun swim party and decided to live it up for our last night, no matter how tired we would be the next morning. We just wanted to kids to get as much cousin and grandparent time as possible, and they definitely had a lot of fun.

The few days we were there were pretty non-stop. It was nice to see everyone, meet a couple of our nieces for the first time, have lots of conversation and play time and to get to say goodbye to the Williams' (sans Jon) as they embark on their new adventure in England for a few years.

Our flight back was at eight in the morning, and I think we got maybe five hours of sleep. Thankfully there were no terminal changes or delays this time around, so we got on the plane pretty quickly and the girls passed out within the first half hour of flying.

I have to say the first thing I noticed when we got back was how dead Salt Lake looks compared to all of the green it is as you head east. It's kind of depressing. But it was still good to be home and the four of us cheered when we sat down in the car.

When we got home the girls were great to us and watched a long movie while Josh and I unintentionally passed out for a couple of hours. I was grateful to them for just letting us get a couple hours of sleep to reboot. Then it was back to homework for Josh, and unpacking for us.

And now, photos...

Tired, but excited. 

Kristin's ward provided some goods for Fathers Day.

I'm loving this attempt at a high-five photo

I liked how this shot looks like Abigail is floating on top

I wish this wasn't blurry. Mailie's foot was apparently hurting so Koen was so sweet to carry her around, to multiple places. I'm sure Mailie played it up a bit.

I've had multiple comments that people thought Abigail was Isla (far left). 

Saying our goodbyes. Lots of hugs.

Ady gave me the best hug goodbye. I loved it.

Hoping we get to see this little man in England in a couple years.

My parents return from their mission in just a few months. It's flown by.

And I loved this photo of Josh hugging my sister goodbye. It just warms my heart. We don't know when we'll see the Williams' next, but I hope it's before they move back.


  1. Hey fab. we got to view these pictures. Thanks Looks great hope to see some or all in Oct or Nov. How the kids are growing.


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