Oh, I've been excited about this post, for the time to arrive where I get to write it. Last week was awesome and joyful, and the best week of our family's life in a long time. 

The past many months there have been multiple countdowns around the home, from chain links to mobile apps to a plain white board in the schoolroom. We each watched anxiously as those numbers went down and the chain got shorter and shorter, until the blessed day had finally arrived, Graduation!! 

The road has been a stressful one and required a lot of sacrifice including the needed absence of Josh in the home. This was difficult for each one of us, but we knew it would be worth it in the end. The days leading up to that last stressful final were filled with numerous prayers, blessings, and fasting. And when it was over, it felt amazing and surreal...he was done.

On the day of, we traveled the three and a half hours to BYU-I and met up with my sister's family. I was grateful to have them there for not only the support but for the girls to have their buddies to run around with. The whole day was just filled with excitement and joy and felt completely worry free.

We grabbed lunch at this taco place which is a bus. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from Rexburg when it came to food, but we enjoy food trucks, so a food bus looked promising. They were delicious. I probably could have eaten a few more if I wasn't filled with anxious excitement. I have a hard time eating when I'm really excited. 

Waiting around for things to begin.

I was grateful for our old iPhones last week. Although the girls were excited about Josh graduating, obviously graduations are boring for kids...for adults, too, unless you're the wife who's excited to soak up every moment of this occasion. These allowed me to enjoy the ceremony without interruptions, and it was over before they knew it. 

With BYU-I, the graduates don't walk up to receive their "diploma" during the Commencement, but the Convocation (individual schools). This way, you don't have to sit and watch nearly 2000 people walking up, but instead knock that down to a few hundred, depending on the school. I thought it was kind of great, though Josh thinks that by the time everyone gets up and walks to the other buildings and such that it probably would have been quicker to just sit through all 2000 names. However, they served free food in-between, so that was a win for me, so I'd vote to keep them separate. 

I teared up while Josh was walking in, and I was grateful to actually get to see and wave to him. And it felt pretty awesome when they said it was official, and they were officially graduated. 

After Commencement. (I've been excited about the moment we got to take these pictures, so we took plenty)...

Josh and I would both tell you that we wished graduated sooner (I'm still looking forward to my own), and would highly suggest to everyone to get it done as soon as you can. That being said, there is a plus to the fact that we have two "older" kids attending this occasion with us. I loved that they got to be a part of it with us and to see the importance of this accomplishment. I'm not sure about Mailie, but I know Abigail will not forget this day, and she was extremely excited and relieved for this day to arrive, as well. 

Josh doesn't really enjoy the attention being on him, especially in terms of celebrations. Truthfully, he most likely would have skipped walking if it weren't for a wife and two kids who were determined to see him do it, so I was grateful to him for appeasing our excitement and desire to take lots of pictures.

First generation graduate.

When Josh's name was called I was filled not only with pride for my husband, but gratitude to my Heavenly Father for getting us through it all, and I'm proud of my our little family for pushing on. And I was grateful to my sister for cheering his name along side me in a unique kind of graduation ;) 

Afterward, we went to Nielsen's Custard, along with half of the other graduates and families. We had such a great time just sitting there talking and laughing in celebration of this momentous occasion. In that moment I felt so much lighter, a weight had been lifted and excitement of the future is in sight. It feels amazing and it is an exciting time for our family. We're anxious to see what the future has in store for us.

Thank you to all who offered extra prayers! And thank you, again, to the Park family, for trekking it to Rexburg, enduring a graduation, staying up too late, and making it home in the wee morning hours, all to celebrate with us. 

From Rexburg, we had a surprise for the girls, a spontaneous trip, and we were excited for this one...


  1. Meagan you make me even more excited to see my hubby graduate! I am excited for you guys and proud as well. It's a hard thing to put a husband through school but worth all the sacrifice and long years. Yea!

  2. We are so very proud of you Josh and Meagan. Congratulations! We too, are anxious to see where your future takes you.

  3. Congratulations we went to a graduation there just a few years ago, my grandson graduation I have to agree with Meagan about the different classes having graduation like they have it. It takes long enough for the class but imagine sitting there while they called over 2000.

  4. The girls enjoyed the vacation it looked like.


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