Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach and Newport...


We arrived to Cannon Beach pretty early and I was grateful it was low tide so we could check out some of the tide pools, Josh loves tide pools.

We attempted a family jumping picture and miraculously we got it on the first shot. 

Tide pools. I don't like looking very close, to be honest. I don't like barnacles, they gross me out. Josh put it perfectly, it's like rock acne. 

I have always wanted to see an eagle in the wild, but I was not expecting this to take place in Oregon, and we saw multiple. I was extremely excited. Here we watched as swarms of seagulls fought off two eagles, as we can only assume were trying to get their babies. It was amazing to watch, and I was grateful I didn't see any bird get mutilated. The eagles finally flew away.

Checked out Abigail's drawing in the sand. HP fans...

To get to Newport which is about two hours away we chose to just drive down the coast. It takes a little longer but we would enjoy the drive and view more. We passed through Tillamook and thought since we were there we might as well go to the factory. We had no idea there would be hundreds of people there to do the same thing...I didn't realize how popular it was. So we kept going.

As I we were passing through a town and I was looking out to the water I saw a whale tale. This was completely unexpected and I was excited. Josh pulled over and we watched for a bit and noticed there were multiple whales in the bay. It was awesome. We didn't get any Moby Dick moments where they jumped through the air, but everyone got to see them, so that made me happy.

I have a love of lighthouses so I was excited to stop here and get a picture. This is the Yaquina Lighthouse. 

Just below are is a really cool pebble rock beach and there were tons of seals. 

Josh left his mark, and Mailie took home tons of rocks...you can see her pockets being weighed down.


  1. This all sounds and looks so wonderful! I'm glad you were able to take this family trip. Makes me want to do an Oregon Coast trip. And wow on getting to see a whale(s), that is awesome!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a magical time! So glad you did it! And so many congrats on graduating!!!

  3. I have been on the Or coast twice and your grandpa once We have been to Tillamook the ice cream there is so delicious. We went to Juneau Ak in May for my granddaughters wedding and we went whale watching in a boat and we did see a couple of big one's jump and the we watched a couple of baby ones and one of them did finally get out of the water. Sounds like a fun vacation.


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