Oregon Coast, Portland and Multnomah Falls...


From Florence we headed to Portland and Mulnomah Falls on our way to the next campsite. One of the things we wanted to try in Portland was a raved about ice cream place called Salt & Straw. Josh and I aren't huge into ice cream, but it sounds more fun when on vacation.

Portland lived up to its' name when it comes to style. Everyone was in beanies, sweatshirts, loose clothing, and layers. Josh and I also felt like speed walkers compared to Portlanders, as we walked down the street. Truly much more laid back there.

We were not expecting the mega line at Salt & Straw, but we noticed it got even longer once we were inside, so I'm grateful we showed up when we did. That being said, they have a wonderful system going so the line moved pretty quickly. Plus a lady behind us had a dog, so that kept the girls entertained. They are known for lots of funky flavors, and I sampled a few of them. One was a strawberry balsamic, which tasted like the salad, it was crazy. We each got something different and were all really happy with our choice. They were yummy.

 Multnomah Falls

Hiking around at a place near our next campsite. I would love to be near all this green.

Our next campsite was the only one that turned out to be a disappointment. It was a KOA just east of Multnomah Falls. Had we known we'd be sleeping right next to the train tracks we would have figured something else out. There wasn't much to do or see in the town, either, so were bummed because we could have hung out in Portland more and then just showed up to "sleep" next to the train that night. Trains came often. So we booked it out of there early morning and headed to Cannon Beach.

Mailie does not wear glasses, but these are a pair of Abigail's that got scratched up and just have plastic in them now. So Mailie likes wearing them.

Driving through Portland, apparently a truck lost it's hay on the interstate. Later on while driving through a smaller town we noticed there was a fire on a street, and it too was filled with hay, burning. Oregon had some hay issues while we were there.

Just one of the many beautiful views of the coast.

We stopped for breakfast at this place that had tons of these wooden sculptures. One of them was Sasquatch. The girls learned about this myth while on this trip and were convinced they saw him, many times. 

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