Oregon Coast, Waldport and Florence...


This was our first full day in Oregon. We had so much fun playing with the sand, searching for shells and little creatures. The day was heavenly.

Sand castles turned into a sand turtle and owl. I love owls. I should have taken these photos from the side because they look like they are in the sand, not built up.

There were these little creatures hanging around, underneath the sand, but you could tell where they were based on their trails pushing up the sand. Abigail put one in her bucket as a pet, naming him Fred. She did eventually need to set him free, but she loved him for the time she had him. I think they are kind of creepy ugly, personally. I didn't get a picture of her with "Fred", but here is a pic of what they look like.

Mailie very much loved being buried by sand. I should have come up with something cool to turn her into, but she was happy with the outline of her legs and tips of her hands. She found it hilarious.

After plenty of beach play we packed up our tent and headed to the next campsite, which was just thirty minutes south. It too was beautiful and I loved the plethora of large moss covered trees. This site was near a ton of dunes and at the site itself is a lake where dunes lead right into it. It was really cool. The kids liked climbing the dune, though we kept it relatively short because if you've played on dunes, it's really fun going down, and then you realize you have to climb up again. They did really well, though. We saw salamanders in the lake which is the first time I've seen those them in person and I think they're pretty cute to watch swimming around. 

I thought these trees were cool, like they're a couple, growing together.

This couple (later on their daughter and friend showed up as well) stayed in the site next to us and were so kind and friendly. They had the girls come over to play with their dog and play a game called Cowboy Golf, which is apparently so popular in Portland that there are courses built for it and clubs created. I appreciated their kindness and enjoyed our conversations.

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