Recital: On Broadway...


Abigail's recital was last month, and the theme this year was On Broaday. When Abigail and I heard she would be dancing to Phantom of the Opera we were both pretty giddy and filled with excitement. Phantom has always been some of my favorite music, and Abigail fell in love with it after watching the play on Netflix.

Mailie and I got to help with one of the rehearsals. It's crazy and busy, but in a good way. There is a lot of adrenaline going on with the girls running all over, dressed/undressed, back and forth. Mailie proudly took on the title, Chaperone, and she took it very seriously. She loved directing the girls where to walk and cheering them on, and thankfully the girls all loved it, too.

Abigail practiced hard, and I enjoyed practicing with her at home. When the big day arrived she said she was a little nervous, but more excited. The most important thing I wanted her to know was to just get out there and have a blast, and do her best.

I teared up a little bit when she came out. She just looks so grown up to me and I was proud of how hard she worked. She looked like she was having so much fun, which made me happy.

When we picked her up afteward, she had the biggest smile on her face. We had flowers for her and she looked like it was the best moment in her entire life. I love how simple things can make your children just beam. She kept repeating, "I can't believe it!".

Mailie loved watching Abigail, and was excited for the event, but she felt a bit bad when she noticed other younger kids up there, and she wished she was one of them. She said, "hey, they are tiny like me. Why am I not up there?". I felt kind of bummed for her, but her birthday is a few months later than the cutoff to be in the recital this year. Thankfully she seemed to get over it quickly.

Abigail has had the same teacher the past three years, Ms. Lauri. We love her. I consider it a great blessing to have had her a part of my daughters life. She is extremely loving, caring, and believes in discipline, respect, and good moral character. Just what I desire as and example for my children. If we are here next season, most likely Abigail will have to move on to a new teacher. There is a chance Lauri might take on the next age, but they aren't sure yet. We will miss her, if that's the case.

And now for pictures and a video:


This is just one cast. There was a whole other cast the second night. Lots of dancers.

We just received the disc, so I recorded her dance off the tv with my phone and therefore doesn't look that awesome, but I figure it's better than nothing. She's in the front on the left side, and they enter twice.

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  1. awesome she is such a little dancer. it is always good to see the posts that you put on so we can see them as they grow.


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