Spiderman Training, aka: Gymnastics...


Mailie basically wants to be a dancing ninja of some sort. So we signed her up for gymnastics.

After a couple of years of sitting on the sidelines, cheering for her sister in both dance and soccer, we really wanted to get her into something where she could be cheered for and supported. Both for her sake, and for Abigail to learn to stand on the sidelines sometimes.

It's only been a couple of weeks but so far Mailie seems to be in heaven and I think this could be really good for her. She does want to be Spiderman, after all, so this could help work toward that dream. She's constantly jumping off of things, flipping, rolling, spinning...basically preparing for parkour.

The joy in her face during practice melts my heart. She looks so happy, so I am happy.

She was a little nervous about the height of the uneven bars, but after swinging on it a couple of times she seemed to get over it. This last week she did the vault, which entailed jumping and putting their hands and feet up onto the horse. Mailie, however, has been watching gymnastics a lot and in her heart, she's ready for a front handspring off of it. It'll be some time before we're at that level. She was a bit confused as to why her class wasn't at the University, which is where we go and watch the Utes gymnastics. I think Mailie would love a crowd watching her.

I think after graduation and knowing what's happening from there, we will get her signed up at an actual gymnastics facility. I would love something that instills discipline, hard work, and fun, the way Abigail's dance has. She's just at a small community class right now. And until then, I will continue to let the kid jump off the couch and countertops to her hearts' desire, and just hope she doesn't break something.

And now some photos and a quick video.

How Mailie feels about gymnastics.

I love that you can see her belly button through her leotard.

I had to make it smaller in order to upload to Blogger, so it's not awesome quality.

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