Surprise trip to the Oregon Coast, Waldport...


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Graduation was on a Wednesday, and Josh had the following five days off. We knew we wanted to do something to celebrate and reward ourselves, but hadn't gotten around to planning that part yet. The idea of going to the ocean sounded like a true celebration to us, but last minute seemed was the Sunday before graduation. We checked out campsites and they were basically booked everywhere except for single nights. So we went for it and booked separate campsites for each day we'd be there.

Fast forward to graduation night. The girls knew that we were going camping afterward, but to them that means somewhere in the mountains. We were so excited and had to make sure not to drop any hints...I nearly failed a few times just trying to talk about our plans. We've anxiously awaited the day we got to build sand castles together and run along the shore, explore tide pools, and maybe even see some cool sea creatures.

We left directly from graduation and drove through the night to arrive at the beach late afternoon. Josh could be a semi-truck driver because the man has no problem driving for hours on end, including through the middle of the night. Bless him. As we neared the ocean we were so giddy for the reveal. The girls had no clue until it was staring us in the face. Abigail seemed in shock and confused like she was unsure if this was the actual ocean beach she was seeing. I loved it.

Our first campsite was right on the beach, and it was simply beautiful there. I loved it all. As we ran to the shore and felt that perfect soft sand, we were in heaven. I couldn't stop smiling. It just feels freeing and peaceful to be near that living ocean. The weather was wonderful and ended up being warmer than I expected. Oregon is more of a peaceful relaxing beach setting, and it felt exactly like what Josh and I needed.

Our first day:

this is the morning after graduation, we'd been driving probably six hours. We got the girls these cocoa's and were surprised when they arrived with a mountain of whipping cream topped with caramel and chocolate. They were elated. It was a mess.

Tent set up, ready to run to the beach.
Beachside State Park

We found a live crab in a little pool so Josh picked it up to let the girls touch it and return it to see. Later Abigail informed us that we should have let it be because the pamphlet she was reading said so.

Mailie loved the seaweed

After playing around for a bit we went into town to have our celebratory dinner, one that Josh got to choose. He went with a place called Georgie's Beachside Grill. It was really good, and the view was pretty. I loved the sourdough bread so much that Josh picked some up for me the night before we went home. I was happy. 

After dinner they let the kids turn in their "money" which they recieve when sitting down, for a gift from the treasure box. I thought that was a cute idea. The girls both picked out necklaces with dolphins on them.

Oregon is beautiful.

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