Cake, Gifts, & Sleep...


Josh had work the day after getting back from our trip, so when he got home he was pretty exhausted. So our plan to give him his cake and gifts turned into a much more subdued event. I thought about waiting till the next day but the girls were so excited, so he appeased their desires. By the time he tried a bite of cake and opened the gifts, he crashed on the couch. I was happy for him to get some sleep, and the girls were happy enough to be eating cake.

I very much love owls, which has turned into the girls loving owls, so they were pretty excited when they found this graduation card.

Abigail drew me as the sun and Mailie as the clouds, then she and Josh with each other.
I love Mailie's people. She said she drew herself with chicken pox

Opening gifts. I found this Patriots grandpa sweater for him that looks a bit too big, but Mailie said he can just grow into it.

Months ago while at Deseret Book, Josh saw this painting and said he really liked it. He's talked about other paintings he's liked before but this one seemed to stand out to him. Josh is hard to buy gifts for because he doesn't really mention things he wants, other than Pilot G2 Pens and socks, so I was excited to get this for him, especially because he wasn't expecting it at all.

I made a book cake, lemon cake with raspberry buttercream and lemon curd. I had to freeze it since we left for the week, so I was curious how it would turn out after thawing it, but it turned out really moist and flavorful, so I was relieved. I would like to perfect the book itself, but I'm happy for my first time doing it, and I learned what I would do differently. And Josh seemed happy, so I was happy.

Much needed rest

I cannot express the joy we have each felt as Josh has come home from work the past couple of weeks and stayed home. No homework to do or tests to take, no more late nights at the library or Starbucks to study. It's been an amazing feeling for all four of us.   

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  1. Your cake is awesome. I'm so impressed by your talent. And the flavors sound so good too. It makes me laugh that Abigail drew herself with chicken pox. :)


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