Oregon Coast, Beverly Beach...


Our final day in Oregon. None of us were excited to be leaving, but we soaked up as much of it as we possibly could and enjoyed what was left of our trip.

Mailie's face sums up exactly how we all felt about our trip and being on the beach.

We were lucky enough to get to enjoy a Yurt for our final night. We haven't stayed in one before and someone had canceled their reservation so we were excited to get it. It made leaving in the morning easy, as we did not have to pack up our tent or anything. They are much roomier than I expected and they're pretty awesome. We'd happily stay in them again. 

There were bunnies hopping all over this campsite, which instantly brought giddiness. 

Abigail enjoys building dams whenever water and sand/dirt are involved. It was a little harder to contain considering the water is a lot more powerful than a little stream, but she was determined.

Telling scary stories. Honestly, Mailie can get kind of gruesome with her stories and I'm not sure where she comes up with it, but the two of them think they're hilarious. Abigail's are a bit more pleasant "scary". 

I just love Mailie's face here, and Abigail's hair. The salt did wonders for our hair, and I would very much appreciate more of it. 

We left early morning and were able to hit Idaho around dinner time, so we stopped by the Parks home to stretch our legs and enjoy some non snack food and fun conversation. We stayed longer than planned, but it was worth the time. Thank you, Parks!

The girls fell asleep pretty quickly after heading off again and we arrived home just after midnight. They traveled really well and I was grateful we didn't have any kind of car issues or accidents with the amount of driving we did. I'm always praying that we can just keep safe and am thankful to Heavenly Father for such an easy going trip.

It was a wonderful and happy time, one that I am grateful we were able to take. It felt like five days of pure peace, joy and relaxation. And though we were all bummed about coming home, we will just look forward to more time like this in the future, and grateful for what we were given. 


  1. How exciting! Oregon is definitely on my bucket list especially after the many stories I hear about the coast. Very fun for you guys!

    1. It really is a wonderful and relaxing area!! The beaches are peaceful and relaxing. Colder, but wonderful :)


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